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News - Friday, December 10, 2010

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Program benefits Legal Aid in funds, commitment, time
The season of giving is here, and with it a time to reflect not on the past year’s recession woes but rather on the bounty that we do have that others can’t as easily attain. For those who have never needed legal representation, they may be unaware of the great asset an attorney provides to a case and the great expense it can be to have legal representation. Some simply can’t afford this necessity and thus are denied access to justice.

Wind farm builder succeeds in blowing clients away
As a builder of small power plants around the world, Richard Ector, president and CEO of Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, was always at the mercy of local energy prices. When he found himself knee-deep in rising diesel fuel costs while working on a blustery Honduran island, he asked his business partners about making a change.

50 years ago...
What was happening in Chattanooga in 1960
Saturday, December 10
Fire destroyed the Chattanooga Tent & Awning Company, 1085 Bailey Ave. late Friday night causing a loss estimated at $125,000. Seven companies of fireman battled the blaze in sub-freezing weather.
Sunday, December 11

Under Analysis
I’ve often said my only regret in life is I wasn’t Rod Stewart. Part of the reason I have only one regret is life as a lawyer has been great.
Still, if any of us spends enough time contemplating what might have been, we can imagine other paths, and I admit the thought of being paid to play my guitar, sing and have girls scream when I wink has real appeal.

Read all about it...
Pulling together like Buddy
I don’t know if you have ever tried to trace your ancestry, but it can get real interesting at times. Just recently, I found some old family photos that include several pictures of a gentleman made around the time following the Civil War.
There were shots made on the grounds of the Hermitage and the gravesite of President Andrew Jackson, causing me to wonder what my family was doing with these old flashes from the past.

Southern Style
The strength of will that God gives

One of the greatest men of God of our time is undisputedly Billy Graham.
The reach of his ministry has touched the four corners of the earth.
Before he retired, I was watching a message he delivered in Louisville, Ky. He shared his realization that he was finally old, when not too long ago he thought of himself as young. He went on to say that this point in life was “definitely not the golden years.” But he felt it was a good time to look back on life and come closer to God.

Case Digests: Tennesse Court of Appeals Syllabus
Dillard Construction, Inc. vs. Haron Contracting Corp.
Hamilton County – The only parties left litigating in what started out as a complex construction dispute are, on one side, Dillard Construction, Inc., and, on the other, Dillard’s demolition subcon-

Are we there yet?
Words and memories
With the cold moving in last Sunday it was a day for food, fire, sports and Scrabble. I gave in to the latter somewhat reluctantly, to save the marriage.
I had lost my wife, Kathy, to the Ipad version of the 70-year old word game a week before, and decided if I wanted to still have a relationship with her then I would have to sign up myself on “Words with Friends.”

I Swear...
Wordplay in sports section headlines
Here’s hoping that the title appropriately introduces the topic of this column.
And that the rest of the column will pretty much speak for itself.
“Tigers find pass to cut off Rebels.” Cut ‘em off at the pass. Get it?
“Hawaii visit no luau for UCA.” Luaus are fun. UCA got beat. Losing’s not fun.

The Bookworm
“SuperFreakonomics (Illustrated Edition)”
Your budget is connected to your income.
The income’s connected to a sales goal. The sales goal’s connected to the economy. The economy’s connected to consumer spending. And consumer spending’s connected to the ankle bone.
Flow-charts, studies, old songs, and graphs can help you comprehend cause-and-effect in business, but when it comes to the world as a whole, things are messier. Or are they? Read the newly-illustrated “SuperFreakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, and you’ll see connections and corollaries everywhere.

Using technology, Dr. John Hoover relieves fear of endodontics
Just hearing the words “root canal” make people visibly wince as they imagine this process that over 14 million patients undergo each year and carries with it a phobia that has many wary of stepping up to the dentist’s chair at all.
Yet, root canals are necessary to save a tooth from extraction when the pulp inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected, which is caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks or repeated dental procedures. ?If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated it can cause pain or can lead to abscess.

Sculpting a message for all, local artist makes art public, accessible
Unexpectedly seeing a work of art out in public is like running into an old friend and reconnecting with them, remembering how much you enjoy their company. Public art works are a way for everyone to enjoy art and share in their universal beauty. Chattanooga sculptor Isaac Duncan III is one of these artists who bring their pieces out in public, and thereby help connect the community with art.

GCAR president to stay on course with two-year plan
The battle cry of most newly installed presidents, whether it’s the president of the United States or a local PTA, is “Prepare for change!”
Jennifer Grayson, was sworn in last night as the 2011 president of the Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors during a ceremony at the GCAR, has something different in mind: making the fewest possible changes as she carries out the two-year plan put in place by her predecessor, Randy Durham.

Event enlightens others on Indie craft movement
The Industrial Revolution provided a great benefit to the country in the mass production of items, yet lost in this shuffle over the years were the unique and one-of-a-kind items that handmade crafting produced. With the Indie craft movement taking the country by storm, Chattanooga had its own taste of the phenomena with the first annual Chatty Crafty event.

Real Estate Facts
Preventing inspection delays
No matter how much you prepare, closings just seem to take longer these days, often up to sixty days from the date of the initial offer. A recent survey of Realtors reveals that ten to fourteen percent of pending sales don’t get to closing, while another twenty percent experience unplanned delays before being finalized.

Kay's Cooking Corner
We made an “oopsie!” last week. It wasn’t until after the paper had been printed that we realized my recipe was missing from the article. Please forgive us for this uh-oh – too much turkey makes you sleepy, and you know it was Thanksgiving and all. Turkey leftovers and lots of bowl games – guess it just got to be too much for us!

The Critic's Corner
In “Faster,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes an overdue return to hardcore action. Although his charming personality and winning smile make comedies like “Tooth Fairy” and “The Game Plan” a good choice for him, I prefer him in movies like “The Rundown” and “Walking Tall,” in which he lets his fists to the talking. “Faster” affords him ample opportunity to demonstrate why it’s unfortunate to be on the receiving end of anything his appendages have to say.

Handy at Home
Energy-proof your home this winter: A caulking gun can get it done
If you’re looking for a really useful home improvement project that doesn’t require a big investment of time or money but still offers a big payback in results, look no further than a Saturday with a caulking gun.
A day spent closing up those energy-wasting gaps and cracks around your home will pay back great dividends in improved comfort and lower utility bills.

Coach's Corner
Believe in your value – attitude and expectations
When we give up commission, we end up working harder for less money. Your clients and prospects respect you less.
They feel in greater control of the relationship and the transaction. They will usually start to take greater advantage of that control and extract more from you.

River City Roundabout
To be or not to be…
The idea that Shakespeare’s work is elitist art, only fit for academics and the rich, was put to the test during the Mast-Head Productions and Hamilton Community Theater production of “Shakespearience!”
Randall Pennington, an actor of Mast-Head Productions, says Shakespeare wrote for the everyday man when he was around, across all the genres including romance, drama, comedy, horror and even science fiction with his dabbling in ghosts, witches and fairies. His influence is evident in many modern works, but still people think he is inaccessible and boring.