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News - Friday, June 11, 2010

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50 years ago...
What was happening in chattanooga in 1960
Gordon P. Street, Sr., president of the Wheland Company, has been elected president of the Advisory Board of Tennessee Investors, Inc., of Nashville, it was announced Saturday by Lee Davis, president. Other Chattanoogans on the advisory board are Sam I. Yarnell, president of the American National Bank & Trust Company; George Clark, Chairman of the board Pioneer Bank; Richard L. Moore Jr., president of Lovemans; and Shelburne M. Warren, president Hamilton Concrete Products. J.E. Whitaker, chairman of the board of the Hamilton National Bank, is on the board of directors of the company.

Choo-Choo steams forward for 100 years
If there is one thing that Chattanooga is not lacking, it
is a history as rich as the red
clay soil that makes up our surrounding mountains. Non-locals may not know much about our city, but they do know our nationally known nickname popularized in the late 1930s with the jaunty “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” tune by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra.

Lawyer enjoying successful mid-life career change
If someone took the various threads that run through attorney Carmen Ware’s life and strung them together, they’d create a tapestry of bold colors and unexpected patterns. Taking her modest beginnings and weaving them through the challenges she’s overcome, one would create a dazzling array of reds, greens and yellows. It would appear as though these lines had started to form a picture, but a startling change of direction in the middle of the stitching would result in an entirely new image. Winding through it all would a single blue thread representing a line of sadness that runs through Ware’s life.

Pro Bono Night 2010
An Evening with the Stars
On Thursday, May 20 over 150 lawyers, judges and their guests gathered at the Lindsay Street Hall to honor the “stars” of the legal community who contribute their time and talent to low-income clients who would otherwise be unable to afford representation. The event was hosted by the Pro Bono Committee of the Chattanooga and Young Lawyers Division of the Chattanooga Bar Association. Judge Neil Thomas presided over an awards ceremony to honor outstanding volunteers. Award winners included:

Under Analysis
First thing we do, let’s kill 28.7 percent of the lawyers
Kevin, the associate from William and Mary, returned this week from his pro bono stint in Haiti. He looks none the worse for the wear, perhaps even a bit tanned. While he regales us with stories of writing wills for Haitian sewer workers displaced by natural disaster, it is obvious that he learned a bit of humility on his trip. Not to mention a connection he made with a certain company needing lawyers after a large crude oil spill.

Read all about it...
Heat lightning brings back thoughts of back porch wash ups
While driving back to the farm the other night, I could see in the distant sky “heat lightning” flashing across the heavens in all shades of oranges and yellows that made the warm humid night somewhat special. I was listening to WSM-AM radio and when the skies would give a glow of color, I would hear the crackle of static coming across the air waves in the night blending in with the songs of the Saturday night Opry coming from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Are We There Yet?
Black and white
My keyboard desktop is filled with colors of the Florida panhandle – blues and greens of the gulf and sky; and sugar-white sand that goes on as far as you can see. It is a photo I took with my cell phone last October, when the only threats to the area were terrible winds with human names.

I Swear...
Life-like puzzle
In last week’s column, I mentioned that when I give civic club speeches on crosswords, I ask the audience to visualize what parts of their lives are like puzzles.
Sports fans are quick to point out that box scores in baseball and basket ball have puzzlesque qualities, as do scorecards in golf.

River City Roundabout
Heart melting dining experience
Many places claim to have the ultimate in dining experiences, but I’ve come to find that they usually do not reach the “experience” level. The true sought after dining experience is something that involves all the senses from beautiful sights, new or enchanting smells, pleasant sounds, a good feel about the place and of course the passing taste test.

What'll they dream up next?
Nike Air Native N7 shoes
A clown in central Arkansas once told me I have duck feet. No, my ten toes are not webbed, nor are my feet scaly and orange. It was probably because he found out I hailed from Oregon, where it rains constantly and the University of Oregon Ducks are one of the favorite mascots there.

Shooter’s Depot fires away at previous expectations
John Martin isn’t out to change the world, but he’s shaking up Chattanooga quite a bit with the way he intends to revamp the gun market in Hamilton County. When the indoor range opens at Shooter’s Depot, this month, it will be the only city inspected and approved indoor shooting range ever built in Hamilton County.

Bermuda Triangle staff demystifies creatures of the deep
The mystery of the ships that disappear within the Bermuda Triangle is no closer to being fully demystified, but for any question underwater life forms there is the Bermuda Triangle Tropical Fish and More location on Brainerd Road.
Austin Kruger, a staff member there, seems to know every fish need, species or trivia like the back of his hand, and, he says, if he doesn’t know something he is determined to find out.

Bennett to retire after making city plans for four decades
For forty-one years, Barry Bennett has been helping his town undergo a striking before and after makeover that has called the attention of the country and the world.
Bennett began working part-time at Chattanooga’s regional planning agency in 1969 while he was still in school, he stayed with the agency and four decades later he is now looking at a well deserved retirement from his position as executive director of the RPA at the end of July.

Realtor’s love for job stays strong in tough times
Treasure Coulter admits times are tough for Realtors, but says she’s too busy enjoying her career to let the economy get her down.
As a buyer’s specialist with Robinson Real Estate in Chattanooga, Coulter likes the flexibility that comes with being a Realtor. While agents work a lot of nights and weekends, they can also take off in the middle of the day when necessary. As a working mother with two children, the oldest of which is three, Coulter says, she needs this option.

Real Estate Facts
Time to show off
If you’ve followed advice given here about sprucing up your home’s exterior, well done! Now let’s focus attention on the next thing potential buyers will see - the front door and the interior. Now is the time for spring-cleaning and to show off your home’s best features.

Kay's Cooking Corner
There is so much controversy about eggs
Should you eat them? Should you not eat them? Maybe just eat the egg whites? What is the most nutritional way to eat eggs?
Eggs, once considered a cholesterol-culprit, have somewhat been redeemed in recent years, as researchers learn more about how certain foods work in our bodies systems. They have re-evaluated the egg and just how nutritious they are for us.

The Critic's Corner
Ever since “Pong” appeared in arcades in 1972, Hollywood has been trying to cash in on the video game craze. Yet despite dozens of attempts, no one has made a good movie based on a game. “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” comes close.
The movie is set in Persia, which was located on the same plot of land as modern day Iran. Go back 2,600 years in time and take a stroll through the marketplace of its capital city, and you might see a young street urchin named Dastan defend a boy from being beaten and then escape pursuit by running across rooftops.