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News - Friday, October 29, 2021

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Highest bidder or best offer?
Auctioneers, Realtors make their case for the best way to sell in today’s hot housing market

From art and jewelry to cars and collectibles, some of the finest assets in the world are sold at auction. Now Compass Auctions & Real Estate in Chattanooga wants to add houses to the list of items commonly placed on the block.

However, convincing homeowners to sell their property via auction is not always easy, says Paige Holt, president of Compass.

Early experience colors Harris’ approach to family law
Works to give families help she missed as child

Attorney Misty Harris can recall the first time she participated in a cross-examination.

She wasn’t a lawyer yet. In fact, she hadn’t even started high school. Rather, she was a 12-year-old girl sitting in a witness seat and answering questions.

Civil discourse: A necessary skill in our democracy

Federal Courts often encounter disputes where the stakes are high, litigants hold strongly opposed opinions and emotions run hot. Add to this a variety of sometimes conflicting personalities, and you might expect unsolvable disputes.

But even in the face of these factors, courts routinely resolve disputes both big and small. A key to successfully resolving these disputes is the courts’ insistence on civil discourse.

Realtor Rogers delivers attitude, options

Realtor Elizabeth Rogers says she’s more “rock and roll” than the other agents she’s known.

She likes motorcycles, military veterans and bold moves in life and business.

She’d rather not watch her language, she adds, and tends to speak her mind in situations others might feel call for tact.

The appraisal process doesn’t have to be scary

In this market, simply finding the right home for buyers can be a struggle. Even with the help of a Realtor, the process can be daunting. Buyers find a home they like, make an offer and it’s accepted! The home of their dreams is within sight and it’s smooth sailing, right?

Lower your heating bill

Fuel prices are rising as temperatures are starting to drop in the Chattanooga area. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts heating oil prices will rise 43%, natural gas 30% and electricity 6% compared to last winter.

However, there are steps homeowners can take to keep heating costs down.

Realtor Marcus honored at national summit

Lake Homes Realty honored Tennessee real estate agent Loni Marcus with the Aqua Award for her achievements in real estate at the company’s eighth annual National Agent Summit, held this month in Birmingham.

Marcus sells lake homes and lots on Chickamauga Lake, Nickajack Lake and Watts Bar Lake.

Financial Focus: Build your ‘cash’ account before retiring

If you’re going to retire in the next few years, you’ll want to start thinking about making some changes to your investment portfolio. And one area you may want to look at is whatever type of cash account you might have – because, when you’re retired, the amount of cash you have readily available may be even more important than when you were working.

Personal Finance: Mounting money mistakes could signal dementia

Some of the early signs of dementia are financial, forgetting to pay bills, for example, or having trouble calculating a tip. People who develop dementia also are more likely to miss credit card payments and have subprime credit scores years before they’re diagnosed, a study published last year in medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine finds.

Sunday Halloween shouldn’t always be this difficult

Here we are, 28 years down the road, same situation, no better off. I wrote about it then, for The Tennessean. My lead now could be the same:

“Nashville suffers from a lack of effective leadership in a crucial area: Halloween.”

Oct. 31 fell on a Sunday that year, 1993. Some kids – or their parents – decided to stick with trick-or-treating on that day. Others, perhaps owing to religious considerations or church attendance obligations, went Saturday instead. Not exactly chaos, but not ideal.

Watching daughter fuels soccer mom’s cancer battle

The infinity ring hidden under white athletic tape is a constant source of inspiration during games for Tara Katz. The University of Tennessee junior outside back never removes it from her left hand.

The ring symbolizes the enduring love between Katz and her mother. It reminds Katz about the strength her mom has displayed in a fight much greater than anything happening on a soccer field.

Repeat after the Titans: ‘One game at a time’

With back-to-back home wins against what was supposed to be two of the best teams the AFC has to offer – Buffalo and Kansas City – you can expect the Tennessee Titans to begin getting some long-sought – at least in the eyes of fans – national recognition.

Little differences: VW Taos vs. Chevy Trailblazer

The Volkswagen Taos and Chevrolet Trailblazer are two of the latest in a growing crowd of extra-small crossover SUVs. These entry-level crossovers provide plenty of utility in a relatively small package and offer many features found in larger SUVs. Cutting back on size doesn’t mean cutting back on convenience.

Women seldom get credit – or credit – for inventions

Well, this is not working.

You can clearly see a problem, and everyone online agrees with you. It’s not working and the fix, duh!, is painfully obvious. So, now where do you take this idea of yours? To a network TV show or a corporation, a laboratory or a bank? Or, as Katrine Marçal explains in her new book, “Mother of Invention,” it might depend on your gender.