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News - Friday, October 28, 2011

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Chattanooga March of Dimes jazzes up fundraising gala

An investment in the March of Dimes in an investment in a better tomorrow, says Lynda Hood, co-chair of this year’s March of Dimes Signature Chefs & Auction. “Can you imagine a day when all babies are born healthy? We can,” Hood says. The gala will take place November 12 at 6 p.m. at the Chattanooga Convention Cen­ter.

Defense attorney brings knowledge, experience to clients

No matter which route a prospective client takes to see criminal defense attorney Lee Davis, he or she is going to have to climb the steep hill to the East 5th Street house where Davis practices law. However, if Davis takes the person’s case, it will have been worth the hike.

50 years ago...
What was happening in Chattanooga in 1961

Monday, October 30

Some 150 acres of timberland in Hamilton County were destroyed by fire Sunday, the state forestry service here reported. Eleven forest fires were reported in the county during the day.

Wednesday, November 1

Miller Bros. Co. is spon­­soring Youth Con­certs Wednesday and Thurs­day at the Memorial Auditorium presented by the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra. The program will be presented each day at 1:30 and 12:30.

Under Analysis
Lawyers seeking increased exposure try new methods

In today’s shrinking economy and increased competition, it is more and more imperative that an attorney take major steps to attract clients. Even those who believe that their deeds should speak for themselves are feeling the pressure to find ways to make sure their deeds are known to the client masses.

View from the Cheap Seats
Where is Elmo?

Last Saturday started pretty early for me. We all got up and headed to North Little Rock to stake out our place to watch the Race for the Cure and support my favorite candidate for judge. We got to the spot right across from Dickey Stephens Field just as it became light. We set the tent up, hung up the banners, and waited.

Read all about it...
Electronically sick world by news overload

As I got up this morning, I turned on the TV to check out just what had happened over the hours I had rested, and sure enough, things were pretty much the way I had left them the night before. Oh, there had been a few more people senselessly removed from this earth due to violence that we are becoming too accustomed to, due to instant reporting, but as far as the rest of the happenings, not much changed.

Are we there yet?
Black bear scare

“You need to see a bit of hell now and then. That and great joy.” - Barry Hannah The alarm was set for 4:20 a.m., both alarms actually, on the iPhone and iPad. But I didn’t need them. I lay in bed awake, waiting to see if they would work as planned, because I’m never that confident when we’re talking about technology.

I Swear...
Crossword cross-marketing

“Dear Judge Vic, I’ve heard that crosswords are considered mentally healthy. Can you address this topic? Also, I’d like to work on your crosswords, but I hear they have legal themes. I worry I might not be qualified. /s/ New Kid.” Dear N.K., Thanks for the opportunity to cross-market.

River City Roundabout
Track 29 rolls into town

During the performance of Ghostland Observatory at the new Track 29 venue, there were actually two other shows going on. One was the phenomenal laser and light show that the Austin group brought with them. The other was the just as entertaining show of the audience, their dress, and their enjoyment of this high energy electronic duo.

A Day in the Life

It’s funny how often the phrase – “opposites attract” rings true in my marriage. After almost four and half years of marital bliss, I continue to learn how opposite we really are. But honestly, it is our differences that keep us together and unite us as husband and wife.

Brainbuster — Make your brain tingle!

Since recently visiting a Battleship, The USS Constellation, I decided to see if your knowledge on our country’s Navy History is any better than mine. Good luck! 1. USS Arizona was launched prior to the start of WWI and commissioned before the U.S. entered WWI as BB-39, and was in what “ship class” of new powerful Super Dreadnought battleship? Oklahoma Class; Arizona Class; Pennsylvania Class; Texas Class.

The Bookworm
“We Are All Weird” By Seth Godin, performed by the author

The writing on the package couldn’t have been more succinct: One Size Fits All. And as you pulled the garment from the packaging, you wondered: were the manufacturers serious? The garment you were holding with two fingers was miniscule. It was fashion-doll size. It was crumpled and woefully too tiny for your grown-up body. 

Wilson & Bow design custom neckties, one for CBA forthcoming

Matthew Wilson began his adoration for neckties when he started wearing them at 6-years-old. He says he didn’t know what he liked so much about them then, but knows why he likes them now as co-owner of Wilson & Bow, a fine neckwear designer. First, he says, no matter who you are, if you are dressed up, you perform better.

Autumn is the best season for planting, claims local nursery

Nights might be getting cooler and leaves might be turning color, but don’t put your gardening gloves and trowels in storage just yet. A local nursery says fall is the best time of the year to plant. Greg Miller, general manager of Ooltewah Nursery, says autumn is a prime planting season because the ground is still warm enough to give trees, shrubs and perennials a head start for next year.

DeVita diversifies herself with IRES designation

Arlene DeVita has been in real estate since 2005, but according to a motto she enjoys that says, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” she may as well be unemployed. DeVita says real estate is a lot of fun for her, and she feels like it’s the best job in the world.

Realtor and local cheerleader supports Chattanooga

Mary Sanders proudly proclaims that she’s a cheerleader for Chattanooga, and this is a message that she shares with everyone. From telling her out-of-town clients who are interested in our area to telling those she assists with her volunteer work at the Chamber of Commerce, Families Inc., the Midtown Council as their vice president of programming, and her activity in her neighborhood, Sanders is spreading the word.

Kay's Cooking Corner
Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

This past week, Don and I attended an American Court and Commercial Newspaper Conference (ACCN), in Baltimore, Md. We stayed in downtown Baltimore, right across the street from the Chesapeake Bay. We had a beautiful view from our room of the USS Constellation, which is now a permanently docked museum.

The Critic's Corner
“Para­normal Activity 3”

As I was watching “Para­normal Activity 3,” I realized how clever these movies are. I was literally watching a home video camera pan back and forth between a living room and a kitchen, waiting for something to jump onscreen and go, “Boo!” I wasn’t soaking up a big budget 3D extravaganza; I was viewing grainy footage of someone’s house at night.

Coach's Corner
Reasons for qualifying the buyer

Thoroughly qualifying buyers is really the most important factor in deciding whether or not to work with a prospect. I also find that too many agents err in judgment by working with lower probability prospects than they should. We often are more willing to work with lower probability prospects because they are all we currently have.