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Front Page - Friday, August 16, 2013

Miller & Martin joins network supporting law firm sustainability

Miller & Martin has joined a group of top U.S. law firms that have come together to promote environmental sustainability across the legal industry under the newly incorporated Law Firm Sustainability Network. The LFSN’s mission is to develop key performance indicators, foster knowledge-sharing, develop best practice guidelines, and recognize and promote sustainability innovations in the U.S. legal sector.

The LFSN is a nonprofit organization of law firms and legal departments committed to promoting the benefits of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility throughout the legal industry. The LFSN was founded in August 2011 as an informal platform for law firm professionals to share ideas, network, and develop best practices and industry standards for sustainability in the legal industry. With growing success, the LFSN incorporated in November 2012 and formed its governing body, the Leadership Council, earlier this year. The LFSN is a pending 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The LFSN affords members the opportunity to learn new ways to enhance their sustainability programs, act as leaders in developing best practice guidelines, and network with their peers. Recent programs have focused on how to enhance market reputation, increase business efficiencies, and retain talent.

The LFSN is currently working to finalize the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standards (ALISS), a self-assessment tool that comprehensively measures law firms’ implementation of practices that promote energy efficiency, conservation of energy and resources, recycling, and related measures. The LFSN intends to launch ALISS next year and plans to publish the results of its benchmark survey, a statistical analysis of top firms’ current implementation of sustainable practices, later this year.

Source: Miller & Martin