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Front Page - Friday, November 17, 2023

Titans have only 8 passing TDs this season, 4 coming in 1 game

Legendary coach Bill Parcells is credited with saying you are what your record says you are.

At 3-6, we are beginning to see just how bad the Titans really are. The rebuild that should have been embraced at the start of the season is now underway, but is already behind what is going on with division rivals Houston and Indianapolis.

Those were the teams that were supposed to be in full rebuild mode, while the Titans tried a “competitive rebuild” approach and were thought to be the one team that, if everything fell right, could challenge Jacksonville for the AFC South.

After all, despite all that happened in last year’s collapse, they were three minutes and a questionable Josh Dobbs fumble call from winning the division and making the playoffs.

That seems like a long time ago for a franchise that now finds itself at the bottom of the division and speeding toward a much-needed top 10 pick in next year’s draft.

Symptoms of what ails the Titans are all over the stat sheet of this season.

They have scored nine touchdowns in 28 opportunities inside the 20-yard line. Last year they scored an impressive 27 touchdowns on 42 opportunities in the red zone.

Most glaringly, the Titans have just eight passing touchdowns all year, four of those in one game, courtesy of quarterback Will Levis’ big debut.

There are defensive issues, as well. The Titans have just three interceptions all season and are allowing a 41% third down conversion rate. That number isn’t too far out of the norm, but when you’re not getting enough sacks or turnovers consistently, it adds up to more time for the defense on the field than needed.