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Front Page - Friday, November 10, 2023

Nothing against Tannehill but starting Levis is right call

Will Levis is far from a finished product, but he showed enough in his first two starts that the Titans should be encouraged about him as the quarterback of the future – and the present.

There is no denying Ryan Tannehill’s accomplishments for this franchise, taking over four years ago in midseason and guiding the Titans to one step from the Super Bowl.

He, along with Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown, made Tennessee a fun team to watch for about a three-year period between 2019 through 2021.

Unfortunately, it didn’t result in a Super Bowl for the Titans, and many fans are quick to blame Tannehill for the playoff loss in 2021. But overall, Tannehill is arguably the most successful quarterback for the Titans since the team moved to Nashville.

It might be blasphemy to rank a Titans quarterback ahead of Steve McNair. But Tannehill certainly has a case.

Back to Levis, he still has plenty to learn about being an NFL quarterback, but the poise and pocket presence he has demonstrated in his first two starts is encouraging.

He has the full playbook at his disposal, and has the freedom to check into and out of plays like a veteran.

He stood in against a fierce rush from T.J. Watt and the Steelers and calmly played his game, even giving the Titans a chance to win behind a ragtag offensive line.

In some ways, despite the interception at the end, the way Levis played on the road in Pittsburgh was more impressive than his outstanding four TD debut at home against the Atlanta Falcons the previous week.

Vrabel announced Tuesday he will going with Levis against the Bucs Sunday. It really was the only decision to be made, and it’s better to make it now and give Levis the second half of the season, barring injury, to prepare for 2024.