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Front Page - Friday, May 13, 2022

Fleischmann honors CBA anniversary before Congress

Chattanooga Bar Association President Lee Ann Adams, U.S Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and CBA Executive Director Lynda Hood with a copy of the statement Fleischmann read into the Congressional Record honoring the CBA on its 125th year. - Photo by Alex McMahan

A highlight of the Chattanooga Bar Association’s 2022 Law Day luncheon was the presentation of a copy of a statement U.S Rep. Chuck Fleischmann read into the U.S. Congressional Record honoring the CBA on its 125th year.

Fleischmann read the statement to his peers April 7. The congressman then played a video of the proceeding during the CBA’s Law Day Luncheon at Read House Hotel May 4 and presented three copies of the statement to the CBA.

The statement reads:

Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor the Chattanooga Bar Association on reaching the milestone of its 125th anniversary.

Since 1897, the Chattanooga Bar Association has made it its mission to work for the betterment of the legal profession and the administration of justice, to take an active interest in governmental affairs, to stimulate a feeling of respect, esteem and good fellowship among [its] members ... and to provide and promote ... education of the legal community and the public at large.

During its 125 years, the Chattanooga Bar Association has produced many outstanding members who have shaped the history of Tennessee and our nation. J.B. Frazier was a member of the board of directors during the first five years of the CBA’s existence and is the only Chattanoogan elected governor of the state of Tennessee. He later served in the United States Senate.

Estes Kefauver served as secretary-treasurer and vice president of the association before being elected to serve as Tennessee’s 3rd District congressman. He then went on to the Unites States Senate and made two bids for the Democratic presidential nomination before being selected as Adlai Stevenson’s vice president nominee during the 1956 presidential election.

I’m extremely proud to have been a member of the Chattanooga Bar Association since I began my law practice as a young man in 1986. In 1996, I became the youngest person to serve as ... president of the Chattanooga Bar Association – an honor that is still near and dear to my heart.

Throughout its 125 years, the Chattanooga Bar Association has shown our community, state and nation the best of what it means to be a lawyer, practice law and pursue equal justice for all.

I am proud to recognize and honor the Chattanooga Bar Association as it celebrates its 125th anniversary. I congratulate the CBA and wish it much continued success in the future.

Source: CBA