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Front Page - Friday, October 1, 2021

Chattanooga Housing Authority unveils renovated buildings

The face of public housing in Chattanooga continues to change with the completion of renovations at Cromwell Hills Apartments and redevelopment of units scattered throughout four outdated CHA sites comprising Emerald Villages.

Over 200 units were redeveloped and repaired with over $58 million of investment.

Funds for the projects came from a variety of city, state and federal grants, tax credits and loan guarantees. The project began in the fall of 2019 with a goal of improving the quality of affordable housing options within public communities.

Located at 3940 Camellia Drive, Cromwell Hills consists of 200 units and 10,726 square feet of community space, including a gymnasium, leasing office and maintenance area.

Improvements made to the site include the replacement of siding and upgrades to kitchens and appliances, baths, flooring, HVAC systems, electrical services, plumbing and insulation.

New paving and additional parking are now in place and repairs have been made to the community space at the site.

In addition to upgraded housing, residents now have access to health programs and training to promote self-sufficiency. The cost for the work done at Cromwell was $36,778,307.

In addition to the renovation work at Cromwell, Pennrose Properties also worked with CHA to refurbish Emerald Villages, including 44 units at Missionary Heights, 29 units at Glenwood East, 14 units at Glenwood North and 24 units at Woodside Apartments.

The cost for the work done within these units was $21,383,307.

Residents in the communities make less than 60% of the average median household income in Chattanooga. They pay up to 30% of their income for rent.

Source: Chattanooga Housing Authority