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Front Page - Friday, November 27, 2020

SmartBank assists local family after tornado destroys home

SmartBank’s Lisa Messier, right, with homeowner, Tracy Haire. - Photograph provided

Among the homes destroyed by the April tornado was that of SmartBank client Tracy Haire.

As she searched for a new home, Haire approached SmartBank for assistance with her loan. Thanks to the Federal Home Loan Bank Disaster Reconstruction Program, a program designed to allow homeowners to rebuild, purchase or rehab their home, SmartBank was able to assist her immediately.

“I had no idea where to turn after the tornado,” Haire says. “I came to SmartBank on the advice of a friend, and they were able to assist in the financing of a new home in a matter of days.”

The FHLB Disaster Reconstruction Program offers grants of up to $20,000 to help eligible households. It also offers qualifying households who are renting at the time of a disaster up to $5,000 toward a down payment or closing cost assistance on the purchase of a home.

Lisa Messier, vice president, residential lender at SmartBank, assisted Haire through the FHLB Disaster Reconstruction Program application process and was able to get her approved in less than three days.

“The application process for the disaster reconstruction program is straightforward,” Messier says. “Tracy was on a tight deadline to close, but we were able to work quickly to meet her deadline and issue the down payment for her new home.”

Through the FHLB’s Disaster Reconstruction Program and Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund, which provides grants to fund accessibility and emergency repairs for low-income special needs and elderly homeowners, SmartBank has assisted clients in securing grants totaling more than $100,000 over the past year.

Source: SmartBank