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Front Page - Friday, November 29, 2019

Chattanooga Track Club gearing up for 50th anniversary

Runners and walkers from far and wide participate in the many races the Chattanooga Track Club hosts each year. In 2020, these participants will have a chance to accumulate the miles gleaned from each of those races and earn a 50th anniversary jacket by completing at least 50 miles worth of CTC races during the year.

The 2020 season will kick off Saturday, Jan. 25, with the CTC’s 50th Anniversary 50 Minute Race, a timed event for runners and walkers that will be limited to 250 participants. The club will present a 50th anniversary medal to each finisher that’s designed to fit into a second medal that can only be acquired by completing a separate 50th anniversary challenge.

The CTC is also planning a number of other 50th anniversary events for its members and the running community during the coming year.

Source: Chattanooga Track Club