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News - Friday, September 1, 2023

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Linking business, community
Garcia builds bridge to various Latino groups

As a consultant who connects Chattanooga businesses to the Latino community, Angela Garcia serves as a bridge between strangers. However, Garcia does more than facilitate the conveyance of goods and services to a specific market; she also nurtures intention, trust and relationships that transcend commerce to benefit the city in other ways.

The federal courts’ role in the nation’s labor movement

On June 28, 1894, President Glover Cleveland signed into law the bill designating the first Monday of each September as Labor Day. This national holiday honors the achievements and societal contributions of ordinary workers.

Labor Day this year falls on Sept. 4. Although Labor Day has become synonymous with parades, cookouts, picnics, relaxation and the end of summer, it’s also a day to reflect on the importance of labor in our country and the progress our country has made because of labor’s contributions.

American Bar Foundation welcomes Faith as Fellow

The American Bar Foundation has named Chattanooga attorney Justin Faith a fellow of the organization.

Faith focuses his practice on civil business litigation and estate litigation at Gearhiser, Peters, Elliott & Cannon. He’s been involved in bar leadership at the local, state, and national level and has been recognized as a Super Lawyers Rising Star in business litigation for the past several years.

The reign of Spain proves hard to maintain

Just over one year after Mark Spain Real Estate crossed the border into Chattanooga, the regional homes sales juggernaut is preparing to beat a hasty retreat back to Atlanta, say several of its agents.

Mark Spain officially opened its Chattanooga office May 16, 2022, and promptly mounted an armada of billboards across the city. The firm’s expansion came on the heels of its $1.9 billion sales jump in 2021, when it sold $3.3 billion worth of real estate in nine markets spanning the southeastern U.S.

Interest rates in an historical context

Many of us in the real estate profession have been keeping a watchful eye on the Federal Reserve. Due to efforts to keep inflation at bay, the Fed recently raised mortgage interest rates, which now exceed 7%. This is the highest 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate since April 2002, making it the highest rate in more than 20 years.

Simple strategies for selling your home this fall

Although spring gets all the attention when it comes to homebuying, homes sell year-round. Despite headlines, millions of existing homes are sold monthly. So, if you need to quickly sell your home this fall so you can enjoy your new home, consider the following tips.

Newsmakers: ArtsBuild to honor Holmberg award recipients

ArtsBuild created its Ruth Holmberg Arts Leadership Award  nine years ago to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the arts in Chattanooga and who are engaged in the cultural life of the community.

ArtsBuild’s board of directors will honor this year’s recipients Thursday, Sep. 14, as part of the organization’s inaugural InterMission fundraising event.

Briefs: Women in business lunch-and-learn

The Chattanooga State Community College Department of Organizational Culture and Engagement and a local nonprofit, Beloved Woman, are teaming to present a lunch-and-learn, “Changing the Narrative for Women in Business,” Wednesday, Sept. 13, noon-1:30 p.m.

UTC to launch online Master of Science in Management degree

A new Master of Science in Management online degree program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will begin with the spring 2024 semester.

The UT board of trustees approved addition of the program, which will be housed within the Gary W. Rollins College of Business, June 30.

Back to Mac: Second impression better than the first

Have you ever wanted to make a good first impression? Maybe you were going on a blind date, a job interview or meeting your future in-laws and wanted to put your best foot forward because – fair or not – first impressions are like diamonds and last forever.

Financial Focus: Should you invest … or speculate?

You’ll find some big differences between traditional and speculative investments – and knowing these differences can matter a great deal when you’re trying to reach your financial goals.

To begin with, let’s look at the basic types of traditional and speculative investments. Traditional investments are those with which you’re probably already familiar: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government securities, certificates of deposit and so on. Speculative investments include cryptocurrencies, foreign currencies and precious metals such as gold, silver and copper.

Personal Finance: Finding comfort in taking some smart financial risks

Making money, whether by putting cash into the stock market, buying a home or jumping to a better-paying job, requires some degree of risk. While embracing any of those moves might feel as scary as skydiving off a cliff, there are times when a little risk makes financial sense.

Career Corner: Finding a job/role that allows you to feel like yourself

Employees often wear many hats at work. You might play a role that you don’t typically play in your personal life. Or, you may go through periods of time when you put up with things at work that you wouldn’t normally be OK with.

For example, if your office environment becomes unhealthy, you might just put up with it. After all, you have bills to pay and a family for which to provide. You can’t fight every battle. You go to work with the understanding that things are just not going to be perfect.

Desperate quest for kicker could bite Titans

And so the kicking carousel spins again. No one seems to know when it will end.

That little rhyme is a reminder that the Tennessee Titans yet again find themselves in dire straits as they try to find someone, anyone, who can solidify the kicker spot.

NFL seems to be suffering from shortage of kickers

The life of a kicker can be plenty nomadic, and the Titans were not the only team sorting and sifting Tuesday to try and remedy their placekicking situation.

Tennessee benefited from Nick Folk losing out to Chad Ryland in New England and acquired the veteran to be a stopgap at the kicker position this year.

Vols look to improve on 11-win season

The University of Tennessee football team begins the 2023 season with something the Vols haven’t dealt with for a while – outside expectations.

Coming off an 11-win season and an Orange Bowl win, the Vols are trending upward on their attempted rise back into national prominence.

Happy trails: These cars will be gone after 2023

Just as TV shows get canceled due to poor performance or changing customer tastes, the same happens for cars and trucks.

Sluggish sales have often been the deciding factor in ending a model’s life cycle, but the industry’s shift toward electric vehicles is also becoming a major driving force. These cancellations tend to fly under the radar until it is too late for most people to try to snag a deal.