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News - Friday, July 14, 2023

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Turner Homes digs in in Hamilton
Knoxville firm eyes 118 homes in Ooltewah

Groundbreaking ceremonies are usually formalities. Work on a residential development, for example, often begins well before its builders and city officials thrust shovels into the soil and then congratulate each other.

This is the case at James Creek, a 20-acre Ooltewah subdivision that will bring 118 homes to the growing municipality. Knoxville-based Turner Homes owns the land and will soon be building houses on it as it makes its first foray into residential development in the greater Chattanooga area.

Garrett masters art of staying busy
Family juggles 2 law practices, 2 young children

Cecilia Garrett says she likes to be busy. The fuller her life, she adds, the better.

To illustrate her point, Garrett contrasts her experiences taking the Tennessee and Georgia bar exams.

She weathered the Tennessee Bar in 2020 when the state allowed law school graduates to complete the exam online due to the pandemic. She was already working for Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel when she sat down in the very conference room in which she’s currently sitting and plodded through the assessment on a laptop.

CBA begins book club with tale of murder in Chattanooga

Growing up, Cecilia Garrett liked to read, although she cringes a little when she says her younger self consumed “beach-read rom-coms” rather than the cerebral fare she read in college and law school.

To her credit, Garrett also tackled the occasional murder mystery, as well as Truman Capote’s true crime classic, “In Cold Blood,” which she’s revisited since becoming an attorney.

Dees finds new life in Chattanooga
Moved here with church, found a home in real estate

People relocate for a variety of reasons. From switching jobs to being close to family – or a beach – any number of things can motivate someone to pack up their life and move to a new city.

For David Dees, it was the opportunity to help establish a new church.

Smart home tech that enhances home efficiency

If you’re like me, looking at your energy bill in the summer and winter months really makes you consider making some of those energy efficient upgrades. Homeowners want energy efficient homes, whether it’s to save money or reduce their carbon footprint, and smart home tech can help.

Five ways to redesign your home on a budget

Spring is synonymous with home cleaning, but what about summertime? Homeowners can use the long days, which are usually bright and full of sunlight, to improve their living space.

There are countless ways to approach a home refresh, although not all are created equal when it comes to cost. “Less is more” minimalism is a design trend that can help homes look modern with less intervention. Minimalism is a low-cost approach to revitalizing your space and can be incorporated into any home design style.

SEC brings the circus to state
The Nation’s biggest sports organizations have decided Nashville is the place to party

During his stellar football career at Vanderbilt, Jordan Rodgers was the star of the Commodores’ offense. But when it came to talking with the media, he always felt like he was playing defense against what inquiring reporters wanted to know.

City and Branch Technology launch 3D-printed shelters pilot for people experiencing homelessness

The city of Chattanooga and Branch Technology are launching a new partnership to pilot the use of 3D-printed, single-unit structures as temporary shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

“We’ve made great progress reducing homelessness in Chattanooga, but our work isn’t done,” says Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. “We remain focused on closing the gaps that still exist as we shore up our affordable and supportive housing supply over the next 18 months.”

Financial Focus: Can you build an estate plan like a house?

If you’ve ever been involved in building a house – or even if you’ve just heard about it – you know that there’s a well-defined process to be followed. But here’s something to think about: Some of the same steps connected to constructing a home are the same as those needed to build an estate plan.

Personal Finance: Saving for retirement just got more complicated

The Secure Act 2.0 legislation that passed late last year added new retirement savings options but also has a few potential catches for unsuspecting savers. Understanding these possible pitfalls may help you make better decisions, or at least be prepared for what’s to come.

Career Corner: Reaction to rejection: Grieve and keep going

Receiving a rejection after a job interview can be devastating. Whether you had three interviews or 10, you were all in. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have snuck away from your existing job to interview.

The process of interviewing for a job is much like dating. The longer it goes on, the more you can picture your new future. You begin to layout plans in your mind.

Millennial Money: Still writing paper checks? So many reasons to stop

Sure, you’re probably not using paper checks for most things. But are you returning payments to medical providers and insurance companies in the mail? Paying by check for the random parking ticket or your child’s piano lessons? Now is a good time to stop.

Behind the Wheel: Most improved: Top 5 vehicle updates for 2024

A few years into a new model’s launch, automakers will often update it with new features to spur interest and sales before it receives a full redesign. This update, commonly referred to as a midcycle refresh, can vary in scope from revised styling to new engines and updated technology.