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News - Friday, October 23, 2020

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One paycheck from eviction
Legal aid, CDC provide temporary help for 18K area renters in jeopardy

It’s 8:45 a.m. on a Thursday, and courtroom six in the Hamilton County Courthouse is empty. At 9 a.m., the detainer docket will begin, and General Sessions Judge Gary Starnes will preside over an apprehensive gathering of tenants, landlords and attorneys as they face off in battles to either retain or regain possession of a property, but for now, the room stands quiet in the calm before the coming storm.

Hens all in on cancer care
Realtor draws on own experience launch project

After being diagnosed and successfully treated for breast cancer in 2019, Realtor Connie Brown wanted to find a way to encourage other breast cancer patients.

Inspired by another project, Brown decided to fill snap bags with items patients might find helpful while undergoing chemotherapy. She then recruited Pat Blevins, a seamstress, to help make the bags. Not wanting to overwhelm her friend, she asked for 50.

Baker Donelson targets multiple barriers with Diversity & Inclusion Compact
Compact outlines commitment to become diversity and inclusion industry leader by end of 2025

The first page of a new Baker Donelson document contains a statement made by Craig Glidden, general counsel of General Motors, in June of this year as the death of George Floyd brought the topics of police reform and racial inequality in the U.S. to a boil.

Appellate skills the focus of November CLE course

With more than 30 years of experience, Nashville attorney Don Capparella has established a reputation as a respected litigator at both the trial and appellate levels.

During a virtual CLE on Thursday, Nov. 5, 1-4:45 p.m., Capparella and attorney Kim Macdonald will provide an overview of the issues they say Chattanooga lawyers need to know to be successful on appeal in Tennessee state courts.

How to sell a haunted house

Every house has a history, but what if the house you’re trying to sell has a past that is a bit more ghoulish than most?

If you or your community believes a house is haunted, it can make selling a bit more difficult. However, there are several options for someone with a spooky property to sell. Just follow a few simple steps to get the haunted house off your hands.

‘Green’ mortgages offer energy-efficiency benefits

Attention to energy usage has increased as residents of the Tennessee Valley have spent more time at home this year.

Energy efficient, or “green,” mortgages can offer homeowners and homebuyers opportunities to purchase homes that utilize energy-efficient technologies through mortgages that permit higher debt-to-income ratio requirements.

Vote for a solid investment strategy

With Election Day approaching, you might feel the results will affect many aspects of life in this country. But as an investor, your situation probably won’t change after the votes are counted.

No matter who wins, the financial markets may well show some politically driven volatility, but that often happens around elections and typically doesn’t last long.

Newsmakers: City, Chamber, Urban League name Styles L. Hutchins Fellows

The City of Chattanooga, the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga has named Daijah Mitchell and Terence Norman, Jr. the latest Styles L. Hutchins Fellows.

Mitchell is a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga junior majoring in business human resources; Norman is a UTC junior majoring in political science.

National Coalition of 100 Black Women to host 25th anniversary fundraiser

The Chattanooga Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a virtual fundraising gala Friday, Oct. 23, 7 p.m.

“For 25 years, we’ve partnered and served in our community as we’ve worked toward our vision that Black women and girls will live in a world where socioeconomic inequity does not exist,” says local NCBW President Deborah Flagg.

Chattanooga lands six NCAA championships

The NCAA recently selected Chattanooga as the host city for six championships for soccer, softball and tennis from 2023 through 2026. The tournaments include:

Division II softball

May 2023

Frost Stadium

Division II men’s and women’s soccer

December 2023

TDOT to close I-75 North to I-24 West for one weekend

As part of the I-75/I-24 interchange modification project in Hamilton County, TDOT contract crews will implement a major traffic shift that will take an entire weekend to complete and necessitate the closure of the ramp from I-75 North to I-24 West within the area of the split.

Behind the Wheel: Busting, confirming a few myths of car ownership

You’ve probably heard over the years a number of tips or myths regarding the value of your car. They might involve how quickly a new vehicle depreciates, for instance, or the biggest factor that influences the value of your used vehicle.

But are they true, especially this year because of new pandemic-related market trends?

Personal Finance: Playing the market is a bad idea, especially now

The current trading boom will end as these frenzies always do – in tears. While we wait for the inevitable crash, let’s review not only why day traders are doomed but also why most people shouldn’t trade, or even invest, in individual stocks.

Career Corner: No good job candidates? The problem might be you

Managers will sometimes be in the market to hire someone new only to find there are no good candidates? Everyone they interview is a dud.

Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to look in the mirror.

If you’re relying on recruiters to find the best candidates and you’re having trouble, there might be something you don’t know. Don’t get me wrong. Many recruiters are amazing. They can sift through stacks of resumes and find the perfect candidates.

Millennial Money: Pandemic is paving the way for generation of smarter shoppers

Before March, shoppers would go to the mall or grocery store – without masks – and scout out the latest sales.

Now, shopping looks much different.

“The way consumers approach shopping has understandably changed as a result of COVID-19,” says Katherine Cullen, senior director for industry and consumer insights at the National Retail Federation.