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Front Page - Friday, October 25, 2013

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One month to live

At church, we’re going through a small group study titled “One Month to Live.”

Written by Kerry Shook, it’s not a book about dying; it’s all about living. There are six short vignettes with these titles:

Living the dash – Simply put, our lives are summarized on a head stone with a birth date, a dash, and an end date. The dash represents our life.

Live passionately – Tomorrow is not promised, but today is here. How are you living it?

Live completely – Be more intentional with the relationships and people in our life.

Learn humbly – Be transparent in times of trouble with a willingness to learn and grow.

Leave boldly – What legacy or footprint will we leave behind?

Living with no regrets –  Are you living the dash? Are you living each day like it’s your last?

Taking these principals and applying them to our daily routine is no simple task; doing so will require filtering our choices and decisions as to how we spend our precious time. After all, we have obligations and calendars to contend with.

But – and I do mean “But” with a capital “B” – I truly believe if we live like today is our last day, then we’ll live more abundantly. We’ll realize what’s most important, what’s temporal. and what’s eternal. We won’t sweat the small stuff, we’ll make time to smell the roses, we’ll move the cheese more often, we’ll spend more time with family and friends, we’ll eat chicken soup for the soul, we’ll create and finish a bucket list, we’ll learn the seven habits of highly effective people, we’ll dream big, we’ll live the Purpose Driven Life, we’ll take more chances, we’ll care more, we’ll find the good in people, we’ll take a Sunday drive on a Tuesday, we’ll laugh more, and I sincerely believe we’ll love more.

Ask yourself, “What would I do differently if I knew I had only one month to live? And then, “What’s stopping me from living that way today?”

Death is a certainty; life is an option. The question is not will we die one day, but rather are we truly living today?

Craig Miller is the Founder & Director of B2B Networking Chattanooga, for more information go to: www.b2bnetworkingchattanooga.com or contact him at info@b2bnetworkingchattanooga.com