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Front Page - Friday, September 7, 2018

Realtor Kelly Cooper climbs Keller Williams ranks


Chattanooga-based Realtor Kelly Cooper is Keller Williams’ No. 10 agent in the Southeast.

Cooper has claimed the No. 10 spot on KW’s “Top 20 Individual Agents Rockin’ The Region in Gross Commission Income” list, pushing Chattanooga to compete with the Atlanta and Nashville markets.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to show my clients what a great city Chattanooga is,” Cooper says. “Knowing the neighborhoods and growing areas combined with listening to their needs gives me an advantage, whether someone lives here or is relocating from another city.”

Cooper says focus and obsessive dedication landed her in direct competition with the bigger markets of the southeast. “This is exciting news – not just for me, but for the growth of the Chattanooga area.”

The southeast region includes Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. There are approximately 155,000 Keller Williams agents nationwide.

Learn more at Cooper’s new website: www.chattanoogahomelistings.com.

Source: Kelly Cooper