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Front Page - Friday, May 11, 2018

Storage solutions for springtime organization

The weather in the Tri-State area is finally turning warmer, flowers are blooming and the fresh scent of spring is at last in the air. That means coats and scarves are giving way to short sleeves and snow shovels are being replaced with gardening tools.

Now that you’re ready to commit to spring, where will you store your fall and winter accessories so they’re ready and available when the colder months circle back around?


Heavy-duty shelving purchased at just about any major home supply store can be easily installed in the basement or garage. Many of these units are designed so you can leave as much room between the shelves as you like, making it easy to get larger and smaller items onto the same unit and saving you space.

It’s important that when shopping for storage shelving that you look carefully at the installation process. While most are simple enough to install in less than one hour, some might be more involved, requiring multiple tools. Look before you buy and you’ll have a smoother process while getting organized.

Under-bed storage

Heavy winter clothing can take up lots of closet space, leaving you with little additional room for your spring wardrobe. If you’re looking for clothing storage space, have you considered under your bed? Many home owners forget about the ample storage space available there.

Invest in some under-bed storage bins. Many such units work perfectly for storing heavy coats, sweaters and boots until next season, especially in homes with limited storage space. Simply fold your clothing and additional accessories flat and place them into the storage containers. The containers slide right under the bed for excellent out-of-sight storage.

Getting creative

When looking at storing winter tools and equipment, step into your garage and look up.

The additional space on the walls toward the ceiling might be a perfect place for a long rack with hooks where tools can be hung.

For downtown living, storage can take an interesting angle of its own.

With urbanites stretched to find storage space in often cramped apartments, some builders are responding to the need.

Fixes to the storage problem include larger built-in cabinets and a unique process known as raised floors.

A section of the floor is elevated like a platform, high enough to include small access doors with space to store boxes, skis, heavy coats or just about anything one might need to pack away with the coming of spring.

With a little preparation, storing your winter items can be as relaxing as a warm spring breeze.

 Want to take your organization plans a step further? To find a Chattanooga-area professional ready to assist you in designing the perfect closets and storage solutions, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga at HBAGC.net.