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Front Page - Friday, March 30, 2018

What pet owners should know when selling a home

After recently adopting a dog from a local shelter, I began to think about the challenges pet owners face when selling a home. We all love our pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, hamsters or rabbits – but that doesn’t mean potential buyers want to be greeted by them when viewing our home or see evidence of them when considering whether or not to make an offer on it.

Fortunately, there are essential steps pet owners can take to ensure the buying or selling process goes smoothly without disrupting the routine of our furry children too much.

Check your insurance

While the best option is to take pets on a short car ride during showings or have a neighbor watch them during an open house, it’s not always possible. And while you might be confident your pet would never hurt anyone, know that you could be held liable for any harm your pet causes. Make sure homeowners insurance covers incidents like these.

Prepare your yard

Potential buyers will likely take a stroll around your yard. Be sure to clean up scattered toys and dispose of any waste with which Fido decorated the lawn.

Repair any damage

If there are scuffs on the arm of a chair from where your cat likes to rub, strategically drape a blanket over it. Address any hair or stains on the carpet and rugs throughout the home. That will not only help with odors but will also allow potential buyers to focus on the home rather the odd stain on the dining room rug.

Remove the odors

Along with regular vacuuming, scatter reed diffusers throughout the home to help mask any scents that will distract from the home. Keep fish tanks clean, litter boxes fresh (and hidden during showings) and wash every blanket on which your pet lounges.

From the walkability of a neighborhood to fenced-in backyards, pets often determine which neighborhoods and homes buyers consider. However, taking these steps as a seller will help potential buyers picture themselves in the home rather than your pets.

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