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Front Page - Friday, March 16, 2018

Tennessee American Water proposes to purchase Signal Mountain system

Tennessee American Water Company, which has supplied water from the Tennessee River to the town of Signal Mountain for 93 years, has submitted a proposal to purchase the town’s water system.

“Our commitment to the town of Signal Mountain is to provide outstanding customer service, to continue delivering essential and quality water, to invest in the community and to develop a strategic approach to upgrade the water system,” says Val Armstrong, president of Tennessee American Water.

“Our water quality record speaks for itself,” Armstrong adds. “In our 130-year history serving the greater Chattanooga community, we have not had a violation with our regulators.”

She says there are advantages for Signal Mountain to approve Tennessee American Water’s proposal.

“With Tennessee American Water as a more engaged partner, the town will free up funds designated for water infrastructure and reinvest them in other community priorities,” Armstrong says. “The town will also gain a new taxpayer.”

Tennessee American has developed a website for Signal Mountain residents: www.localfor93.com.

Source: Tennessee American Water