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Front Page - Friday, January 12, 2018

Outdoor Chattanooga offering free winter workshops

Outdoor Chattanooga’s Winter Workshop series returns in 2018 to offer classroom-based outdoor education and skill-building workshops that are free and open to the public. No reservations are required to attend.

Workshops will take place Thursdays from 6-7:30 p.m. Jan. 18-March 1 at Outdoor Chattanooga in Coolidge Park (200 River Street).

Workshop schedule

Jan. 18 – Wilderness First Aid: Part 1

Jan. 25 – Wilderness First Aid: Part 2

Learn skills and techniques for how to handle potential emergencies in the woods with this two-part introduction to Wilderness First Aid. This class is not for certification but does offer insightful discussions for training and practice purposes. Participants will gain a better understanding on how to assess, treat and (when possible) contain emergencies related to soft tissue injury, fractures, trauma and building splints.

Feb. 1 – Fishing 101 

Take your knowledge of fishing beyond a worm and cane pole in this beginner’s basic class taught by the fishing experts at Bass Pro Shops. This workshop will dive into the different types of lines and lures, how the seasons and weather can change the fishing experience and the ethics of fishing.

Feb. 8 – Bikepacking 101

Think backpacking via bicycle. Bikepacking allows you to cover more ground on two wheels than you can on two feet and gives you access to remote places. Gaston Farmer, local outdoor recreation expert and athlete, will discuss two distinct styles of the sport, essential gear and trip planning.

Feb. 15 – Bike Maintenance 101

Outdoor Chattanooga’s bicycle guru, James Eubank, will lead participants through three different aspects of bicycle maintenance: fixing a flat tire and how to prevent flats; quick ways to clean and lube your bicycle with minimal equipment; and how to conquer the daunting task of tuning your rear derailleur.

Participants can choose one or all three skills to learn. No previous bike knowledge is required, tools will be provided and questions will be encouraged. Bring a bike or borrow a bike for practicing skills.

Feb. 22 – Navigate with Map and Compass

We’ve become dependent on smartphones for way finding, but what happens if the signal fails or the battery dies while you’re out on the trail? Learn the basics of how to navigate using the “old school” method of a map and compass. Maps and compasses will be available to use in small groups.

March 1 – How to Plan and Lead a Day Hike

Proper planning and preparation are necessary anytime you venture into the great outdoors, especially if you’re the one organizing a group to wander through the woods with you. Learn the elements of preparing for and leading a day hike as a way to make your trip safer and more enjoyable for all involved.