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Front Page - Friday, October 20, 2017

24 local artists on exhibit at Townsend Atelier

“Turkey Vulture Skull with Sedum” by Lisa Caldwell (oil on panel)

“Elevate,” an invitational art exhibit, will be on view at Townsend Atelier, 301 E. 11th St., from Friday, Nov. 3-Saturday, Dec. 2. The show will feature the work of 24 artists who participated in a critique program facilitated by Mia Bergeron.

The public is invited to attend the opening reception on Nov. 3 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Works will be available for purchase.

Exhibiting artists include Meg Aiken, Timur Akhriev, Elizabeth Allen, Cheryl Arnold, Mia Bergeron, Hollie Berry, Lori Bower, Barbara Brogdon, Lisa Caldwell, Jean Coker, Ann Currey, Danielle Damson, Kate Dilworth, Brandi Donan, Martha Elder, James Courtenay James, Shelli Langdale, John McLeod, Phoebe Mills, Priscilla Priestly, Cindy Procious, Cheryl Rogers, Dave Salerno and Leah Salerno.

For the past several years, these artists have brought their work to Townsend Atelier monthly for feedback from Bergeron and each other. “Elevate” speaks to the way the artists elevated and supported one another and continually improved their own work. Each artist submitted up to three pieces for consideration for the show, which was co-curated by Townsend Atelier and Bergeron.

More at www.townsendatelier.com.

Source: Townsend Atelier