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Front Page - Friday, September 8, 2017

Hamilton County sheriff hires trained tracking dog

Tynne is the newest deputy at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. A Hanoverian hound, she’s trained in the art of tracking and search and rescue. - Photograph by David Laprad

The newest hire at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office might be a hound dog, but she’s leaps and bounds better than the sad sack Elvis sang about.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond’s newest K-9 deputy is Tynne, a Hanoverian hound genetically descended from the bloodlines of the Liam hounds – large hunting hounds from medieval Germany. Hanoverian hounds and their decedents are known to be some of the best tracking and hunting dogs in the world.

Tyne was raised in and emigrated from Slovakia, where she was breed to be a world class tracking dog. Upon arrival in the United States, she underwent her formal training in South Carolina with Georgia K-9.

Tynne’s tracking abilities will serve as an asset to not only the HCSO but all local law enforcement agencies in and around Hamilton County. Together, Tyne’s purchase and training costs (which totaled approximately $10,650) were donated to the HCSO by the local AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation.

Source: Hamilton County Sheriff’s office