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Front Page - Friday, August 4, 2017

Briefs: Erlanger adds Life Force 6 helicopter

Erlanger Health System has announced its new Life Force 6 helicopter that will begin service on Aug. 15.

The new aircraft is a H135 with Instrument Flight Rules and will be based at Western Carolina Regional Airport in Andrews, North Carolina.

In mountainous regions, such as where Life Force 6 will be based, aircraft not equipped with IFR can frequently get fogged in.

The addition of the new helicopter brings the Life Force fleet to six total helicopters – four dual-engine equipped with IFR and two single-engine that use visual flight rules.

Life Force has been providing air medical transport to the Chattanooga region for more than 27 years and operates five bases in Tennessee and Georgia that cover 50,000 square miles. Life Force is accredited by the commission for accreditation of medical transport systems.

Sue’s Tech Kitchen visits Chattanooga

Sue’s Tech Kitchen, a STEM-inspired, tech-fueled dining experience, recently brought its dining revolution for a test-run to Chattanooga.

Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, is working to engage children with tomorrow’s technologies and change the family dining in the process.

The project was created by Zuckerberg and designed by NASA scientist Sam Pfister.

The Tech Kitchen is an “innovative space that combines dining and technology while immersing guests in a tech playground, allowing them to experience the most cutting-edge technologies and enjoy a delightfully interactive dining experience.’’

Diners will be able to eat in the digital age, while composing music with their food, 3D printing their dessert, coding videos game with candy and so much more.

“I’m always encouraging parents to embrace technology into their family’s lives in an interactive and healthy way instead of being afraid of it,” says Zuckerberg, New York Times bestselling author.

“So, when I was at a restaurant with my two boys, I thought ‘how cool would it be if a drone could deliver our food? Or if we could code with candy?’

Sue’s Tech Kitchen is now a national tour that will run into 2018.

CPD adds 400 Tasers to arsenal

The Chattanooga Police Department has ordered 400 X2s TASER 60 Smart Weapons, according to manufacturer Axon.

The company, based in Arizona, recently announced multiple orders from national and international sources.

The weapons will be available later this year.

The use of TASER weapons has saved more than 184,000 lives from potential death or serious injury, according to the company.

Local Chamber wins top award

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce has been named the 2017 Chamber of the Year, ranking it the top chamber of commerce among many of the largest chambers in North America.

The Chamber of the Year award has been given annually since 2007 to chambers in four size categories to recognize excellence in operations, member services and community leadership.

The award comes from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.