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Front Page - Friday, June 2, 2017

Register of deeds releases new title search software

Hamilton County Tennessee Register of Deeds Pam Hurst and programmer Bobby Deberry have developed and released new title search software titled “Quick Search.” Hurst designed the software while Deberry handled the coding.

Quick Search integrates sales from the Hamilton County assessor with data from the register’s remote access system, accelerating the real property title search process to create a chain of title.

By generating a quick search report, every chain of title and all names for those specific dates are searched simultaneously to produce a list of documents related to the grantees of each sale.

Quick Search can search chains of title and associated names simultaneously. Also, every deed in the chain of title can be printed together.

“Chattanooga is a hotbed for innovation – and that includes innovation in county government,” Hurst says. “Our office uses ideas and technology to help the legal community work faster and more efficiently.”

Hurst says he hopes “Quick Search” will prove popular enough to draw the interest of registers’ offices across Tennessee. Hurst adds the program saves a surveyor who attended a training session in May “a couple hours of work each day.”

“Quick Search” is located at www.hamiltontn.gov/register. The monthly fee is $50.

Hurst has been register of deeds in Hamilton County Tennessee for 23 years. She worked in the title business for 10 years prior to being elected register.

For more information, contact Hurst at phurst@hamiltontn.gov or (423) 209-6560.

Source: Register of Deeds