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Front Page - Friday, March 10, 2017

A little yard work could pay big dividends in curb appeal

Spring has sprung early, which means it’s time to get to work on the lawn. After all, curb appeal is king in residential real estate!

A good first impression means everything to a prospective home buyer who’s looking at both the appeal as well as how hard it may be to keep up once they’re the owners. A neglected or overgrown landscape might give the impression that it’s more work than a novice can handle.

Curb appeal actually starts at the “curb,” taking into consideration pressure washing sidewalks and driveway as well as edging along both. How long has it been since the mail box and post were painted, and are the numbers crisp?

Continue your audit by looking forward to the grass. Is it healthy and free of weeds? Again, this sets the tone for how well maintained the interior might be if the owner is paying attention to the details of the lawn. Should you over seed to build thickness?

As you approach the home, ask yourself if the landscaping is appropriately trimmed and shaped. Keep in mind that if shrubs are significantly overgrown, a major trim might expose unsightly bare spots. If this is a consideration, then you definitely want to trim early so they have time to fill in before you place your home on the market.

Another thought might be to simply replace shrubs that have overgrown the space verses trying to trim them back. A good coat of mulch always refreshes a home, so apply this last before placing your house on the market. Even if you’re thinking about selling this fall or next year, now may be the best time to address the overgrown shrubbery so the plants have time to mature.

A clean house is a prettier house, so here again, pressure washing will go a long way toward renewing a home’s appeal. Gutters often need the most attention, particularly if they’ve become clogged and are overflowing. If paint is dislodged during pressure washing, then it might take a fresh coat to get maximum impact.

A final and most important item to review is your front door. This is the last impression a buyer will have of your home before stepping inside.

A fresh coat of paint, new hardware and even a new storm door all will give an immediate return on investment. Even during the worst of the recession, replacing a front door always gave a positive return on investment.

To demand top price for a home in today’s market, the details start in the front yard.

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