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Front Page - Friday, January 27, 2017

Doing good is just a click away

Chattanoogans are known for always being ready and willing to extend a helping hand to someone in need.

Building on the philanthropic spirit of Chattanooga, The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and The Maclellan Foundation are joining forces to launch a portal to connect people in Chattanooga who have specific needs with other people in the community who can help meet the needs.

This centralized portal, Purposity Chattanooga (www.purposity.com), will give everyone an opportunity to learn about and respond to a neighbor in need. These practical and immediate needs could range from winter coats and backpacks to toiletry items and space heaters. Local needs will be published and disseminated weekly by text message through the Purposity Chattanooga portal.

“As a city, this is what we do best: create a network of support and care and generosity,” says Maeghan Jones, president of The Community Foundation. “But sometimes we don’t know what people are facing, even though they live just down the street. So we’re creating a safe and reliable way for anyone to respond to the needs of their neighbors.

“It’s about Chattanoogans helping Chattanoogans in moments of need – large and small.”

With more than 20,000 Hamilton County public school students living below the poverty line, The Community Foundation and Maclellan will begin with needs vetted by Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE) school guidance counselors and will expand later this year to help meet the needs of Chattanooga’s homeless and economically disadvantaged neighbors.

“I’m excited about the possibility of helping more Hamilton County students,” says Marsha Drake, HCDE director of student services. “Pairing Hamilton County residents with the needs of our students in such a simple and straightforward way is a huge win for our students and their families.”

Chattanoogans who are interested in receiving weekly text messages through Purposity Chattanooga can sign up for free in less than two minutes. Officials hope to have 500 residents sign up by Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Purposity was first launched in Atlanta in 2016 and since has helped to meet the needs of more than 600 students. Chattanooga is now the second city to host this portal, which will be powered by The Community Foundation and Maclellan.

Sources: The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and The Maclellan Foundation