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Front Page - Friday, September 16, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, Sept. 16, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. Reynolds are making extensive improvements on their home on Cameron Hill.

Miss Mary Steward entertained at her home on Battery Place in honor of Miss Katherine Kaufman, a bride of this fall. Miss Steward was assisted by Mesdames Homer Gogdell, F.F. Hooper, E.A. Wheatley, C.S. Steward, and Miss Catherine Signiago.

Sunday, Sept. 17

The following “Tars” have returned from a cruise on the USS Alabama: Donald Johnson, Marshall Lancaster, Burch Patty, and Robert Henry, Jr. Each reported how wonderful the trip was, and all would love to join the Navy.

The YWCA has opened a new program starting Oct. 13. Mrs. C.K. Davis will be in charge of the Domestic Art classes. Miss Tillie Hartwig will teach Millinery; Miss Cora Stratton will teach China painting; Dr. Raymond Wallace will teach First Aid; Miss Ethel Creekmore, supervisor of nursing at Erlanger Hospital, will teach the Red Cross System of Home Nursing; and Dr. J. L. Bibb will teach the First Aid evening classes.

Monday, Sept. 18

Misses Harriet Pearson, Grace Seaman, and Emma Brockman will leave today to attend the State Convention of Graduate Nurses in Memphis.

Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Wright announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Helen Ivens, to Mr. Samuel Brunswick Lowe. Mr. Lowe, a well-known businessman, is the son of Mrs. Elsie E. Lowe.

Tuesday, Sept. 19

Mesdames W.O. Jones, A.P. Lansford, and Thomas E. Hobson are visiting their mother in Nashville. Their niece, little Evelyn McDonald, will return with them tomorrow.

Miss Ethel Orr will return this week from a month’s stay in Savannah, Ga.

On McCallie Ave., at Baldwin Street, Alexander Place is adorned with a monument placed there by W.I. “Dutch” Alexander, who wants it to be a permanent thing of joy and beauty. It has no inscription.

Wednesday, Sept. 20

Miss Virginia Isbester is entertaining with a house party. Her guests are Misses Cathryn Henderson, Dorothy Trotter, and Martha Davenport, and Messrs. Knapp Milburn, Neal Thomas, Raymond Bennett, Carl Lleyellyn, Brooke Bentley, James Crumbliss, Marvin Hall, Lyle West, and King Fritts.

Mrs. Susan Kline and daughter, Mrs. Isaac Phillips, are visiting in Harrisonburg, Va.

Dr. and Mrs. Dunbar Newell will open their home in the city Thursday after spending the summer on Walden’s Ridge.

Thursday, Sept. 21

Capt. Judd of Pensacola, Fla., is the houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Embrey.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Connelly, who have been in Atlantic City, are now in New York. They will return the last of the week.

Billy Exton, press agent for the John Robinson Circus, is in Chattanooga heralding the coming of the Big Show, Oct. 2.

Friday, Sept. 22

Judge and Mrs. Pierre Crabites of New Orleans and Miss Edith Carter leave for New York, where they will sail for Italy. Miss Carter will be abroad for a year.