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Front Page - Friday, July 22, 2016

Recycling changes on the way

Orange Grove will soon cease processing recyclables at its materials recovery facility, the City of Chattanooga and Orange Grove Center announced last week. The City’s curbside recycling program will continue uninterrupted, and the recyclables collected will be processed by another local facility.

The change is in response to a federal mandate affecting the settings in which individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or both, are served. Orange Grove’s mission to serve these individuals has not changed, the Center said in a press release.

Orange Grove will continue to operate the five drop-off convenience centers at Warner Park, DuPont, Batters Place, Brainerd Road, Patten Center, and Signal Mountain, as well as the refuse collection centers at Airport Road, North Access Road, and West 57th Street. However, Orange Grove will cease operations as the City’s materials recovery facility, where materials collected through the City’s curbside recycling program are processed and sold.

Orange Grove will continue to manage the sale and marketing of recyclable materials collected through the City curbside programs as well as the collection centers. Orange Grove will also continue to operate its Recycle Express program for local businesses. The move to the new materials recovery facility will be completed by July 25, 2016. 

The changes are part of Orange Grove’s response to the Home and Community Based Services Settings Rule, which affects funding sources for programs and services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or both. For more information on the rule, search “HCBS Settings Rule” at www.medicaid.gov.

Source: Orange Grove Center