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Front Page - Friday, May 27, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, May 27, 1916

“Doll Shop,” a clever play, was given by the pupils of the McIntyre School at closing exercises held Friday night at the courthouse. Dr. J.W. Bachman presented certificates to the graduates: Laura Voigt, Helen Glover, Alice Burke, Albert Keyser and Garland West.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smartt will go to Hillsdale to spend the summer.

Today, the Alcazar Theatre shows for the last time a war story, “At The Front Door With the Allies,” in six reels. The show starts at 10 a.m. Prices are adults, 20-cents; children, 10-cents. It has broken all attendance records.

Sunday, May 28

Baylor School’s first commencement in its handsome new home by the Tennessee River was held Saturday afternoon. Dr. Francis H. Smith of the Univ. of Virginia and NC&St. L. president, John Howe Peyton, addressed the graduates. Dr. W.F. Powell gave the opening prayer and Dr. J.W. Bachman, the benediction. Graduates were Robert C. Axley, Ed Davidson, Jr., Felix G. Miller, Robert H. Pitner, Charles L. Rosenheim, Thomas D. Storie, Thomas O. Trotter, Thomas Reed Wert and Kenneth G. Whitaker.

Monday, May 29

Miss Margaret Brizzie will leave soon for Washington, D.C. to visit school friends.

Tuesday, May 30

Today is Class Day at the Univ. of Chattanooga. Miss Imogene Johnson, chairman of the program, will be assisted by Miss Mary Dickson and Edwin Woodworth. The program will be held in the chapel with Dr. Frank Hixson presiding.

Mrs. C.E. Buek has returned from Rockwood, Tenn., where she has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clymer.

Wednesday, May 31

Mayor Jesse Littleton presented degrees to five graduate nurses of Erlanger at ceremonies held in Masonic Temple. Dr. Raymond Wallace praised them for their devotion and service. Diplomas were presented to Misses Irene Gorman, Dora Delane Ebbs, Loutishia Kagley, Susan Flanery and Dorothy Ellis.

Miss Katherine Raht will leave soon for Chautaugua, N.Y. to spend the summer with her grandmother.

Thursday, June 1

Miss Annie Laurie Bachman of Bristol, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Dewitt Bachman, and Dr. John H. Revington, will be married this afternoon by Dr. J.W. Bachman of Chattanooga.

Final exercises at McCallie School will take place tonight. Victor Golibart will be soloist. Presentation of diplomas to 18 graduates, medals and cups, will mark the program. Whitney Colburn will be valedictorian. Presentation of “M’s” will be made by Ed Brown, an alumnus. The commencement address will be given by Dr. E.A. Elmore, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church.

Friday, June 2

Misses Clara Pindell and Ellen Converse have returned from the Univ. of Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Thompson, Jr., Mrs. J.A. Holtzclaw and Miss Jessal Holtzclaw will go Monday to Walden’s Ridge to spend the summer.

Dr. William Emory Smyser of Ohio Wesleyan University and Dean Hooper of the Univ. of Chattanooga presented 18 diplomas to UC graduates this morning. R.A. degrees – Bertha May Burnette, William Anderson Burnette, Mary Elizabeth Dickson, Jewel Johnson Ellington, Thomas Hubert Hunt, Esther Imogene Johnson, Maude Estella Lee, Thomas Henry McMillan, Lemuel Angus McWhorter, Raymond Orr, William Henry Patton, Mary Tom Peacock, George R. Randle and Edwin Clement Woodwarth. B.S. degree – Richard O. Farrell. B.Lit degree – Lemuel L. Reece. Misses Maude Estella Lea and Esther Imogene Johnson received “magna cum laude” citations.