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Front Page - Friday, May 20, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, May 20, 1916

At S.E. Drake’s, where you can find “Everything good to eat,” the best coffee available costs 30 cents, and you can buy a pound of creamery butter for the same price. This is how to beat the high cost of living.

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Glover announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Louise Glover, to Mr. James Frank Witherspoon of Nashville, Tenn. The wedding will take place in June.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edmondson Smartt will go to Walden’s Ridge June 1, having taken the cottage on Putman Morrison’s place.

Monday, May 22

Miss Marie Warwick and Miss Katherine Conn will entertain the seniors of the Girls’ Preparatory School with an afternoon party at the English Tea Room Wednesday.

Mrs. Margaret Dyer has received an interesting letter from her nine-year-old nephew, Paul Bush, who with his family lives in Mexico City, telling her of the hardships imposed on the people of Mexico. He was thanking her from some clothes she sent. They cannot buy clothes because food is expensive and hard to get.

Tuesday, May 23

Misses Elizabeth Stoops, Mamie Callaway, Frances Thatcher, Lois Leavitt, Ann Silverman, and Nancy Sizer will return tomorrow from Agnes Scott in Decatur, Ga., to spend the summer here.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Walsh have purchased the Old Cravens homestead in North Chattanooga. They will remodel the home and will move in by June 1.

The closing exercises of the McIntyre School will take place at the Courthouse. Judge Nathan Bachman will present the prizes. Dr. J.W. Bachman will present the eighth grade certificates to Misses Helen Glover, Alice Burke, and Laura Voight, and Masters Garland West and Albert Peyser, Jr.


Wednesday, May 24

A class of 100 will receive diplomas from the University of Tennessee, which will close a most successful year. Miss Clara Disney Pindell of Chattanooga is vice president of the class. Other members of the class from here are Raymond Hoff Seagle, William Van Dyke Ochs, and Thomas Hubert Weatherford.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Davenport and Miss Margaret Davenport are at Eastbrook Springs for two weeks. Joe Davenport, Jr., will return from the University of Virginia June 3.

The Missionary Ridge School closing exercises will take place tomorrow night at 7:30 on the grounds of Bragg’s Tower. A pageant will be presented. The Daughters of the Confederacy will present a picture of Robert E. Lee. The class speakers will be Historian Charles Palmer; Salutatorian William E. King, and Valedictorian Miss Sarah Louise Hunter.

Thursday, May 25

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Ruoff have purchased a new home in East Lake. Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Burnett and baby are with Mr. and Mrs. Ruoff.

Mrs. W.D. Gilman, Jr., is visiting relatives in Sweetwater, Tenn.

Friday, May 26

Last night, the graduating class of Chattanooga High School received their diplomas from Supt. C.H. Winder. There were 59 members in the class. The auditorium was well-filled. Maroon and white, the high school colors, were used for decorations. Dr. J.W. Bachman gave the invocation.