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Front Page - Friday, May 20, 2016

105-year-old Hamilton County resident names church her sole beneficiary

Pictured (L-R): Forstner, Sherrell, and Davidson. - (Photo by David Laprad)

At 105 years old, Halie Forstner is certainly one of the oldest residents of Hamilton County.

Born in Dade County, Forstner moved to Chattanooga when she was nine years old, and has lived in Hamilton County most of her life.

Despite her age, Forstner stays active. She continues to drive her car, and serves as an elder at her church.

Forstner speaks fondly of the close-knit community of Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church and her pastor, Grady Davidson.

She approached O’Shaughnessy & Carter and attorney Lauren Sherrell when she decided her church was to be the sole beneficiary of her estate.