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Front Page - Friday, April 29, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, April 29, 1916

A well-known citizen, Clement Clay Shelton, died today. He founded the Shelton Flour Mills and was the first man south of the Ohio River to build an exclusive roller mill system. He is survived by his wife and son, C. Lee Shelton. Mrs. Shelton is seriously ill, so private funeral services will be held.

A seagull that had been swept from her refuge in East Lake Park during a severe storm has been found. It was killed by blue jays on Missionary Ridge. The mate was found by a farmer and returned to City Hall.

Misses Harriet Greve, Margaret Aull, Cecelia Embrey, and Mrs. L. M. Russell have gone to Atlanta for Grand Opera.

Sunday, April 30

The City Commission has favorably considered the recommendation of Commissioner H.D. Huffaker for the erection of a junior high school for the use of Highland Park, Ridgedale, and Oak Grove. It will cost $50,000.

Miss Gloria Lamb will be sponsor and Miss Josephine Whiteside and Miss Katherine Henderson will serve as maids for the Jonathan Bachman Camp at the Confederate Reunion in Birmingham.

Monday, May 1

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Wann will leave soon for a stay at Wright’s Mineral Springs.

Mrs. Walter E. Spencer will entertain with a linen shower this evening for Miss Pearl LeHardy, whose marriage to J.G. Gaunt will take place Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 2

A masque called “The Triumph of Spring” was given by the girls of GPS today in Jackson Park. Miss Lucille Thomas was Queen. “Snow and Ice” tried to keep the flowers from blooming, but “Old Father Time” took things in hand and drove the snowflakes away. Helen Hughes was “Snow” and Marie Lynch was “Ice.” Dancers in appropriate costumes participated.

Mrs. T.C. Betterton and sister, Miss Mary Parks, have returned from a stay in Atlanta.

Wednesday, May 3

A.W. Gaines, well-known Chattanooga attorney, died Tuesday after a long illness. He was interested in many projects in the city, serving on various boards and committees, and will be greatly missed.

Messrs. Charles and Milton Coffey will be with Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Allen on Oak Street for the summer.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce, with Con Milligan as chairman, will undertake to raise $3,000 to promote the band concerts here for the summer. The performances were endorsed at last night’s meeting.

Thursday, May 4

A group of about 250 business and professional men have arrived and will don khaki for one month at Fort Oglethorpe Training Camp. Lt. Col. D.W. Ketchum spoke to them last night on rules and regulations. The regular program gets underway this morning.

Mr. James Gibbs Gaunt and Miss Pearl LeHardy were married Wednesday at the home of the bride’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Henry LeHardy. Dr. T.S. McCallie officiated.

Friday, May 6

Fire destroyed the south wing of the main barracks of the Tennessee Military Institute in Sweetwater early this morning. The damage is estimated at $20,000. Sixty boys were in the building at the time of the fire, and prompt work helped in saving the rest of the building.

Edward Whiteside arrived Thursday night from New York City. He was called to the bedside of his father, W.M. Whiteside, who is critically ill. v