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Front Page - Friday, March 18, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, March 18, 1916

Ten loaded freight cars of the southbound Queen & Crescent Railway fell into the Tennessee River Friday night when the second span on the north end of the steel bridge gave way. No one was hurt, but two hoboes had a thrilling escape. There were 44 cars on the train.

Mrs. John A. Patten entertained with a luncheon honoring Mrs. Frank White of Ridgewood, N.J. and Mrs. Kinney of Belleven, Ohio. Twenty guests were invited.

Sunday, March 19

Mrs. Albert Thatcher of Swarthmore, Pa., is visiting her sons Alfred and Herman Thatcher.

Mrs. J. Harvey Page of Walfall, England will arrive this week to visit Mr. and Mrs. Sim Perry Long and Miss Nell Scholze. Mrs. Page is now in New York. Her husband was one of the victims in the sinking of the Lusitania.

The Shakespeare pageant, which will be held in Chattanooga April 24-26, will be the largest ever witnessed here. Scenes of the plays will be on the ground of the D.P. Montague home on East Terrace and the University of Chattanooga campus. The plays will be under the direction of Miss Lucy Holtzclaw.

Monday, March 20

The Tennessee Federation of Women’s Clubs will meet in Chattanooga May 3 when Governor Tom Rye will address convention on “The State and Unfortunates.” The Federaton will urge a “sweeping reform in women’s dresses,” with less generous display of necks and ankles, and more appropriate dressing for the school girls.

Tuesday, March 21

Miss Gladys McCoy will return to Knoxville this week after a visit with Mrs. Henry Eager.

Mrs. Frank Hooper entertained with an afternoon tea Monday in honor of Mrs. Frank White and Miss Electra Storre.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herron are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Walsh in North Chattanooga.

Wednesday, March 22

The organization of an Auxiliary for Bonny Oaks Industrial School has been formed to help in the welfare of unfortunate boys and girls. Thirty five young ladies will meet once a month to plan and assist in the work of the following officers: Mrs. J.L. Bibb, president; Elizabeth Read, vice president; Marie Gager, treasurer; and Auburn Wert, secretary.

Misses Gwendolyn Lasley and Emily Kelly will arrive today from Westover, Conn., for spring vacation.

Mayor Jesse M. Littleton feels that now is the time to open Broad Street, and has named a commission to negotiate with a Georgia commission on the extension of Broad Street from Ninth south. C.E. James, John A. Patten, H.C. Adler, W.L. Frierson and H. Clay Evans were named.

Thursday, March 23

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Frazier, Fred B. Frazier, and Katherine Frazier arrived in Chattanooga last night from Florida, having driven through in their automobile.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Thompson will occupy the Andrews cottage on Walden’s Ridge this summer.

Friday, March 24

Flames and high winds caused the loss of 13 residences in many sections of the city. Losses are estimated over $50,000. T.C. Betterton, commissioner of fire and police, took personal charge of the Fire Department. The homes of J.H. Allison and W.P. McBroom on Missionary Ridge were destroyed when forest fires spread out of control. Homes of Roy E. Johnson, Clyde C. Paris, W.C. Shelton, and Prof. G. Russell Brown were destroyed in North Chattanooga.

Miss Ella Bryan (Clinton Dangerfield) of Dillon, Ga., is the guest of Mrs. Lewis Coleman.

Mrs. N.S. Sloan will be hostess to an informal bridge party today at her home on Missionary Ridge.