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Front Page - Friday, March 18, 2016

50 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1966?

Saturday, March 19, 1966

Formation of a new nationwide motor inn franchising operation – Dutch Inns of America – with two of the inns planned for Chattanooga was announced by two prominent Miami developers.  The corporation plans an inn of 222 units to cost more than $2 million, probably in the Golden Gateway, and will franchise some other group to erect the other one here.

Sunday, March 20

Acting Postmaster Frank C. Moore one week ago appointed Mrs. Clifford Marter, 22-year old graduate of Chattanooga Valley High School, as a letter carrier. Postal service positions have been opening up to women since President Kennedy signed an executive order directing all executive departments not to discriminate against women in federal appointments. Mrs. Marter has taken over all sorts of assignments during the training period.

Monday, March 21

The state highway department on Tuesday will start rebuilding the off-ramp on the freeway between Spring Creek and McBrien Road. Mayor Kelley said the highway department estimated it will take about one week to do the job.

Tuesday, March 22

The Volunteer Army Ordnance Plant at Tyner is producing TNT for use in the Viet Nam war. The facility’s commanding officer, Col. T.H. Riedemann, presented the first 50 pounds of the explosive manufactured at the reactivated plant to Col. R.C. Marshall, mobile district engineer. The plant was first built to manufacture TNT for use in World War II and was reactivated for the Korean conflict. This 50 pounds is the first manufactured since 1957.

Wednesday, March 23

Fred E. Brown, owner and operator of Belvoir Pharmacy in Brainerd for more than 30 years, died in a Houston hospital.

Thursday, March 24

Billings Moving and Storage Co., Inc., agents for United Van Lines, has been awarded the company’s Goal Buster award for exceeding the 1965 quota by 70 percent. Warren Billings, vice president and general manager, presented the award to salesmen Gordon Perry and Paul Pardue.

A contract for the construction of the J.B. Brown Junior High School at Harrison was awarded by the Hamilton County Board of Education to C&I Specialty Co. The bid accepted was $1,514,244.

Friday, March 25

A husband-and-wife team from the university of Chicago will be in charge of the Asian Studies program at the University of Chattanooga Friday and Saturday. They are Dr. Lloyd I. Rudolph and his wife, Dr. Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, both associate professors of political science and the consultants for UC’s current series on India.