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Front Page - Friday, March 11, 2016

What is the Chattanooga Legal Placement Service?

Raising the Bar

Lynda Minks Hood

The Chattanooga Bar Association Legal Placement Service (CLPS) will provide employers with resumes of candidates whose qualifications appear to meet the employer’s requirements for support staff and attorney positions at a substantial savings in time, effort, and fees. All information provided by CLPS is deemed confidential.

This is how it works

If you are an employer and want to list a position announcement, call the Chattanooga Bar Association at (423) 602-9430, and we will send you a CLPS packet. All you need to do is complete the CLPS paperwork, fill out a brief form describing the position available and qualifications needed, and return it to the CBA office. You can obtain the CLPS paperwork on the Chattanooga Bar Association website (www.chattanoogabar.org). At that time, we will provide you with resumes we have received from applicants. We keep the ad on our website and in the bi-weekly email newsletter for a 60-day period or unless you tell us you have filled the position.

An attorney or legal support staff listing involves completion of a general information questionnaire and a copy of resume. 

Since all employers sign a confidential agreement, compatible resumes are forwarded and direct contact is made by the employer. Once a CLPS referred candidate is hired, the employer pays a non-refundable placement fee of $500 for attorney positions and $300 for support staff positions.

Policies and procedures

The purpose of the CBA Legal Placement is to provide member lawyers or firms with candidates to fill support staff and attorney positions at a substantial savings in time, effort, and fees. Larger firms, companies, and government entities that need support staff and attorney positions will also benefit from substantial savings and time.

CLPS is administered by the administrative assistant of The Chattanooga Bar Association under the direction of executive director.

CLPS will maintain position announcements on file for a period of 60 days, or until you tell us you have filled the position. Applicants may also submit firm resumes or any other information concerning employment opportunities within a particular to CLPS for review.

Attorneys and support staff (paralegal, legal secretary, bookkeeper, receptionist, office managers, law clerks, etc.) who are seeking employment in the Chattanooga legal community may submit their resumes directly to CLPS. These applicants will be required to complete a general information questionnaire in order to participate.

CLPS will accept via email one resume from each candidate, and maintain their name in the database for six months. The resume will be forwarded to employers listing appropriate positions. If an applicant does not want certain firms or lawyers to be contacted, this information should be provided to CLPS on the application form.

Employers who desire to list a position announcement (attorney, legal secretary, or paralegal position) with CLPS will be emailed the appropriate resumes generally within three days, and continue referrals for up to 60 days, or until the position is filled.

Once a candidate referred by Chattanooga Legal Placement Service is hired, the employer will pay $300 as a non-refundable placement fee for support staff positions, and $500 for attorney positions.

Payment of the placement fee is due and payable on or before 15 days from the date of the invoice for services rendered by CLPS to the employer.

All information provided by CLPS to the employer shall be deemed confidential information and the employer, its employees, agents, and representatives use such information solely in considering the qualifications of an applicant or employment and for no other purpose. Such information is not to be communicated to any party other than agents or employees of the employer or CLPS.


In the event the employer is held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be in violation, breach, or non-performance of any of the agreement, the employer shall pay all costs of such action or suit and all costs and expenses of CLPS, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in bringing or defending such suit or action.

It is understood and agreed that CLPS has not undertaken a background investigation nor does it warrant the accuracy of the information supplied by the applicant.

These original policies and procedures were approved by the Board of Governors of the Chattanooga Bar Association on Dec. 9, 1992, and amended March 1, 2016.