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Front Page - Friday, January 8, 2016

Throw pillows – no sewing machine required

Do It Yourself

April Sherrill

Can we talk throw pillows for a minute? I absolutely adore throw pillows. I really do not know anyone who doesn’t. Now, I do not even waste my time on pillows for my bed because I know I do not want to worry about having to put them on the bed every day. At the same time, I do not want to look at pretty pillows sitting there unused. 

My couches are a different story though. I love to have pillows filling the back of my couch so when we sit down; you just sink into comfort and coziness. These are the purposes of couches and throw pillows in my eyes. However, throw pillows are expensive! An “inexpensive” throw pillow will still cost around $20, and I am not at a point in my life where I want or am able to spend hundreds of dollars filling up couches with pillows. 

Therefore, I went into overdrive the past couple of months to find the best solution for throw pillows. Now before I get started, I do realize you can easily whip up pillows with a sewing machine; but I also wanted to find a solution for people without one.

In addition, I read many blogs that would talk about doing an “envelope” pillow; problem with those is I felt they would not hold up in my home due to my younger three children and husband. Pillows may or may not be used for pillow fights in my home, wink wink. So I definitely wanted to find a pillow that would withhold the everyday chaos of a young family, functionality, design, and of course price!

In comes the easiest and most cost effective idea I have ever come across for throw pillows: placemats. Yes, friends you read that right, placemats; in particular double sided placemats. 

Items needed:

– 1 double-sided placemat per pillow

– pillow fill

– needle

– corresponding thread

– seam ripper or scissors

For these, the average cost per pillow will be less than five dollars. This total can vary depending on where you buy the placemats and how much you pay for pillow fill. I purchased three placemats at Target for $3.99 a piece and two bags of Poly Fill at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 a piece. I used the 40 percent off coupon for one of the bags so altogether I spent $20 for this project, which produced three wonderful pillows! Amazing, right? Follow along.

First, when buying the placemats the only requirement is that they are double sided as in you will need a front piece of fabric and a back piece of fabric. These are always easy to find and anywhere placemats are sold. 

Using either a seam ripper or scissors you will need to separate the seam to create a space just large enough to be able to stuff the pillow. Do this slowly and carefully, but it should still only take a minute. 

After the seam is apart, the pillow will need to be filled with whichever option you chose for fill. I used just a basic poly fill. Make sure to fill in the corners.

Once the pillows are stuffed to your desired comfort, all that is left is to stitch the original seam back together using the needle and coordinating thread.

I made three of these pillows in less than 40 minutes. I could not have been happier with this method and loved that I had so many design options. They are perfect for lounging around and cuddling against while being fashionably cute for the home! I have already had so many compliments on them and I love secretly knowing they cost me mere dollars to make!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

April Sherrill is a staff writer for the Hamilton County Herald. Contact her at april@dailydata.com.