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Front Page - Friday, January 1, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916

Saturday, Jan. 1, 1916

Oscar Seagle, well-known Chattanooga vocal artist, entertained an appreciative audience Friday night at a concert in the courthouse auditorium. Frank Bibb was his accompanist.

Wauhatchie Valley and all points west of Lookout Mountain were cut off from the city last night because of backwaters from the Tennessee River. This is the second time in three weeks that high waters have cut off residents of the valley from the city.

Miss Margaret Wight, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wight, was hostess at a masquerade dance and watch night supper at her home in Riverview. The grand march was led by Miss Wight and Marshall Lancaster. Guests were Misses Dorothy James, Dorris Carter, Elizabeth Watkins, Pauline Colyar, Winifred Ewing, Kathleen Gager, Elizabeth Jones, Charlotte Clifford, Sterling Price, Adele Lowry, Louise Bass, Gertrude Llewellyn, Elizabeth Howell, Phyllis Lancaster, Arwin Preston, Grace Trotter, Eleanor Lasley, Mildred Wight, Helen Hughes, Margaret Wells, Messrs. Dickey White, David Key, Dan DeBardelaben, Edward Carswell, Cartter Lupton, Felix Miller, Whitney Colburn, Hal Jones, Burch Patty, Summerfield Johnston, John Grant, Theodore King, Jr., Charles Hall Jr., Jack Spurlock, J.A. Patten Jr., Crosby Winters, Julius Hargraves, Gene Patten, Douglas Spears, Charles Harris, Guy Jones, Ellis Bearden, Charles Willingham Jr., Tom Willingham, W.B. Wight Jr., and Marshall Lancaster.

Sunday, Jan. 2

A storm of protest has arisen over the $1.00 fee to the county court clerk for issuing the new automobile licenses. Some auto owners have paid the fee with the request for a receipt to show it was paid in protest. Others have refused to pay the fee at all.

Chattanooga department stores announce great year-end sales. Loveman’s annual muslin underwear sales offer nightgowns, petticoats, Teddy Bears (made of nainsook, 48-cents) at  half price and less. Miller Bros. offers “all sorts of billowy, snow-white garments” in its annual January White Sale.

Monday, Jan. 3

Robert Jones, Leopold Chambliss and Carl Llewellyn will return Tuesday to Davidson.

Miss Wenonah Haymore is improving from a recent illness.

Miss Sammie Cleveland has returned from a visit in Sweetwater.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Mrs. Morrow Chamberlain was hostess to the Monday Afternoon Bridge Club yesterday. New members are Mrs. O.B. Andrews, Mrs. Sanborn Chamberlain, Miss Patty Martin and Miss Margaret Sadd.

Willard Springfield and Esquire L.W. Bates are being mentioned to succeed D.H. Bloom as high school chairman. High School board members are John Stagmaier, Dr. E.H. Boyd, Frank Spurlock, Mr. Springfield, Mr. Bates and Supt. J.L. Hair.

Wednesday, Jan. 5

Mufflers on the headlights as well as on the cut-outs will be the rule for automobile owners from now on if an ordinance is passed to snuff out blinding headlights is passed. The ordinance was introduced yesterday by Commissioner Betterton to whom the idea was suggested by the local automobile club.

Misses Mary Bertha Allison, Josephine Whiteside, Gloria Lamb and Margaret Ochs will leave Sunday for Chevy Chase, Md.

Miss Emily Miller was hostess at a breakfast Tuesday honoring Miss Jeanette Joyner, the guest of Miss Frances Thatcher. Covers were laid for Misses Joyner, Thatcher, Nancy Sizer, Mary Mitchell, Louise Spears, Dorothea Snodgrass, Mrs. William McNulty and Miss Miller.

Thursday, Jan. 6

The constitution of the Hamilton County Humane Association was amended Wednesday to allow the president to serve three years instead of one.  Mrs. Richard Hardy, whose term expired, was unanimously re-elected for the three years. Other officers elected were Mrs. Harry White, first vice-president; J.R. Barnes, second vice-president; Mrs. W.D. Kelley, third vice-president; R.A. Bogswell, secretary-treasurer. The board of directors is composed of P.R. Albert, Lewis M. Coleman, Dr. J.W. Bachman, J.R. Barnes, Fred T. Wallace, J. Walter Fred and J.E. Annis.

Mr. and Mrs. Beirne Andrews of Dayton are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son. Mr. Andrews’s brothers are Garnett and Oliver of this city and Champe of New York City.

Miss Mary Elizabeth Swaney returned Tuesday to Randolph Macon.

Friday, Jan. 7

Mrs. Sue C. Johnson has gone to Mobile to visit her sisters, Mrs. Dumas and Mrs. McCleary.

Misses Adelaide and Rachael Cooke have returned to Ward-Belmont.

Joe Davenport returned to the University of Virginia Thursday.   v