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Front Page - Friday, December 18, 2015

Chattanooga Zoo welcomes Francois Langur

- (Photo provided)

This is Badu, a 9-year-old male Francois Langur now calling the Chattanooga Zoo home. Badu came to Chattanooga from the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory of Saint Paul, Minn.

Since Badu’s arrival, the zoo has held him in quarantine. Although he passed his routine physical, he still needs to acclimate to his new exhibit.

Once he’s also been introduced to the zoo’s resident Francois Langur, Trieu, Badu will be exhibited in the Himalayan Passage.

The addition of Badu has allowed the zoo to continue to grow one of the few bachelor groups of Francois Langurs in an AZA accredited zoo.