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Front Page - Friday, November 27, 2015

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1915

Saturday, Nov. 27

Mrs. Samuel Boyd Allen and little daughter of Tate Springs will spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Sue C. Johnson.

Miss Elizabeth Atlee was hostess of the Girls Bridge Club Friday. There were five tables devoted to the game. Invited guests were Miss Agnes Davidson and Mrs. William Fritts.

Sunday, Nov. 28

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Bell announce the engagement of their daughter, Marie, to Mr. William A. Quinn, Jr., of Henderson, Ky. The wedding will take place Dec. 22.

Miss Elizabeth Lupton was called to Virginia Saturday due to the illness of her mother.

Miss Zella Armstrong has been requested by Miss Louise Grundy Lindley, president general of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Southern Commercial Congress in Charleston, S.C., to serve on the board of the Press Women of the South.

There will be a meeting of the boys from 10-18 at the First Methodist Church today at 2:30 p.m. to hear “live wire” speeches under the auspices of the YMCA. Lawrence Faucette (Rhodes Scholarship winner), Dr. E.A. Elmore, Coach Johnny Speigle, and C.C. Menzler will be the speakers.

Monday, Nov. 29

Miss Gladys Godfrey will attend a house party on Walden’s Ridge this weekend.

Percy Shepherd will return this week from Washington, D.C. He also visited his sisters Misses Elsie and Eunice Shepherd at Martha Washington College.

Jo Conn Guild, Jr., a young Chattanoogan, is the new general manager of the Chattanooga and Tennessee Ricer Power Co. and the Hales Bar hydro-electric plant. He succeeds his father, the late Jo Conn Guild, Sr.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Mrs. Carlisle Jordan of Montgomery, Ala., is the guest of her mother, Mrs. D.P. Henderson.

Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Wood, Merle, and Percy Wood have returned from a motor trip to Copper Hill.

The Boy Scouts of Chattanooga are making plans to distribute 150 baskets of food to the poor for Christmas. Scout Master Burlebach has 200 registered scouts.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Gaither L. Jones will move from Beaumont, Texas, to Houston to make their home. Mrs. Jones is the former Katherine Lanier of Chattanooga.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Craig of Marshall, Texas, are visiting Mrs. Craig’s mother, Mrs. J.A. Campbell, in South Pittsburg, Tenn. They will remain until after the holidays.

Thursday, Dec. 2

Miss Margaret Shalliday has accepted the place in the choir as contralto at St. James Methodist Church in Chicago.

The firm of T.S. Moudy & Co. was awarded the contract for building two new campus buildings at the University of Chattanooga. The bid was $53,100 including landscaping and heating equipment. The work will commence at once, and be completed by July 31, 1916.

Today is the election of the local League of Women voters. Miss Ernestine Noa, president, is up for re-election. The other candidate is Mrs. R.B. Cooke.

Mrs. Annette Baxter of Nashville, Mrs. William Forbes of Hopkinsville, Ky. (formerly Miss Metable Sory), and Miss Cora Wallace of Gary, Ind., will attend the wedding of Miss Elizabeth Green and Daniel Rugg, Dec. 18.

Friday, Dec. 3

One of Chattanooga’s most respected and poplar citizens, Dr. J.H. Rathmell, died after a long illness at his home at Poplar and Sixth Streets. He is survived by his wife, daughter (Mrs. J.C. Brooks), and son (John B Rathmell).

News has been received of the death of Mrs. J.W. Trimble of Camden, N.J. She was the wife of Rev. Trimble, former pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church here. Mrs. Trimble was the mother of Misses Annie Goode, Annette, Katherine, and Jessie, and Mrs. E.W. Mattson of Chicago, and sons J.M. and William Trimble.