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Front Page - Friday, November 6, 2015

Agents get sneak peek at new Ridges of Crystal Brook development

Realtor Paula Palmer of Real Estate Partners and builder Billy McCoy of McCoy Homes previewed McCoy’s development at Ridges of Crystal Brook in Apison, Tenn., last week.

The agent-only event gave Realtors a look at the 76 lots available for development in the community and the seven houses McCoy Homes is currently building.

Standing in an undeveloped but picturesque cul de sac deep within Crystal Brooks, Palmer praised the location. “The schools are very desirable, and the scenery is beautiful,” she said. “People love Crystal Brook.”

Lots range from 300 to 500 feet deep, ensuring homeowners have ample breathing room. In addition, each lot is bordered by large trees. “We didn’t come in here and clear-cut the land,” McCoy said. “We wanted to preserve its natural beauty.”

McCoy said the homes he’s building at Crystal Brook are completely customizable – from the cabinets and the trim work to the crown molding and the ceilings. The houses he’s currently building have two-car garages, more brick than is typically used today, and basements. They cost between $375,000 and $600,000.

McCoy said a home at Crystal Brooks also comes with quality neighbors. “The people here want to retain the value of their homes, so they take good care of their properties,” he said. “Everything is neat and clean.”

Palmer said agents are still welcome to bring their buyers to the development to either consider buying one of McCoy’s spec houses, or as a prelude to meeting the builder at his design center on Brainerd Road to discuss doing a custom build. Buyers can also choose to work with one of four other builders.

Agents and buyers can learn more about Crystal Brook by contacting Palmer at (423) 595-5741, (423) 265-0088, or pg.palmer@comcast.net, or Teresa Groves at (423) 364-1834 or (423) 265-0088.