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Front Page - Friday, November 6, 2015

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise receives neighborhood marketing assistance

The Highland Park neighborhood is one of 10 communities across the country selected by NeighborWorks America to participate in the national Neighborhood Marketing Program. Pictured: The interior of a recently renovated home on Duncan Avenue. - (Photo by David Laprad)

NeighborWorks America has awarded Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) $15,000 to enhance and promote the Highland Park neighborhood. The grant is part of NeighborWorks’ national Neighborhood Marketing Program, and includes marketing consulting services. Highland Park is one of 10 communities across the country NeighborWorks selected to participate in the program.

NeighborWorks launched the Neighborhood Marketing Program in 2012, and is working with 42 organizations to create strong neighborhood brands and rebuild market demand. In developing the marketing campaign, CNE will learn successful strategies implemented by other organizations participating in the Neighborhood Marketing Program.

“As we continue with our efforts in Highland Park, we are working to build excitement around the neighborhood,” said Martina Guilfoil, president and CEO of CNE. “We’re excited to be selected as a Neighborhood Marketing Program participant, and look forward to the future of the neighborhood.”

This award expands an important community stabilization effort by NeighborWorks to support local collaborative efforts to develop marketing and branding campaigns that tell the true story of communities like Highland Park.

“Highland Park residents have known for a long time that our neighborhood is a wonderful place to live,” said Matt Stevens, vice president of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association. “We are excited to more effectively share Highland Park’s beautiful distinctiveness to those who currently do not reside in Highland Park. We’re very grateful to the hard work of CNE in landing this opportunity and the generosity given to us through NeighborWorks America.”

By focusing attention on what makes the neighborhood a great place to live, work and visit, the marketing campaign will lead to more positive perceptions and make the neighborhood more competitive in the regional marketplace, said CNE in a press release.

“A community needs to make a strong first impression to attract investment,” said Paul Singh, director of the Stable Communities Initiative at NeighborWorks. “Our program helps communities promote their strengths in a way that resonates.”

More information about community stabilization work supported by NeighborWorks can be found at neighborworks.org. 

Source: Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise