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Front Page - Friday, July 31, 2015

100 Years Ago

What was going on in Chattanooga in 1915

Saturday, July 31, 1915

Friday was the hottest day of the month. The thermometer registered 96-degrees at 2 p.m.

Mrs. Julius Young Talmadge has returned to her home in Athens, Ga., after a visit with her family and friends here.

Mrs. T.H. McCallie, who has been very ill, was reported better and able to be up in a reclining chair during the day.

Sunday, Aug. 1

Application for the incorporation of McCallie Lake Operating Co. was filed. Signing the application were S.J. McCallie, J.P. McCallie, DeForest Spencer, Dr. J.L. Bibb and John S. Fletcher. The lake is to be used by the McCallie School. It was formerly called Electric Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Guerry will move into their apartment in Baylor School soon.

Monday, Aug. 2

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Dayton, Misses Georgia Dayton, Nettie Chambers and Sarah Simmons leave Tuesday for a motor trip to Cincinnati, Detroit and Chicago. They will be joined in Cincinnati by Dr. and Mrs. G.N. Dayton.

Miss Ellen Converse has returned from Knoxville where she attended Summer School of the South. Miss Ellen Boren is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. F.J. Converse.

Miss Mary Louise Beckham, who is having a house party on Walden’s Ridge, entertained her guests with a dance and straw ride Monday night.

Tuesday, Aug. 3

Mrs. David Anderson and daughter, Eleanor, of Birmingham, Ala., who have been guests of Judge and Mrs. Lewis Shepherd at Altamede Farm, have returned home.

The McCallie Alumni Club plans to dedicate the new athletic field at a luncheon at McCallie Lake. At a recent meeting, the following officers were elected: President Harold Smartt; Vice President Will Campbell; Secretary Leopold Chambliss; and Treasurer Carl Smith. The purpose for the club is to keep old McCallie boys interested and together.

Wednesday, Aug. 4

Miss Margaret Ochs and Miss Margaret Jones have returned from a visit with Miss Gloria Lamb on Lookout Mountain.

The Misses Addie James and Rose Bowser will go to Birmingham, Ala., Friday to visit Mrs. Robert E. Butler who is entertaining with a house party for her sister.

Miss Louise Bass is visiting her grandmother in Estill Springs.

Thursday, Aug. 5

Miss Mary Helen Schneider will return tonight from a visit to Miss Margaret Anderson in Greenville, S.C., and Mrs. Llewellyn Brown in Anderson, S.C., the former Miss Lucille Heggie.

Friday, Aug. 6

Mr. and Mrs. George Davenport and children Katherine and Lilla Davenport have gone to Mentone, Ala., for the rest of the summer.

Miss Willie Moon is in Dalton as the guest of Mrs. Chauncey and Miss Franklin Chauncey. Later, she will go to Atlanta for a visit.