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Front Page - Friday, July 24, 2015


What was going on in Chattanooga in 1965?

Saturday, July 24

Dr. August W. Eberle was honored with a farewell faculty banquet at the Read House. After eight years at the University of Chattanooga, Dr. Eberle will end his tenure at the end of this month.

Sunday, July 25

The new Broad Street Parking Garage is scheduled to open for business in mid-August, George Blackwell Smith, Jr., executive vice president of Miller Bros. Co. and treasurer of the Miller Investment Co., announced Saturday. The formal opening of the $1.5 million facility will be held probably during the first week in September.

D.M. Steward Mfg. Co. held open house at their new office building on East 36th Street. Approximately 600 visitors were expected. The company, which began operations here 85 years ago, has grown to be one of the major suppliers of ceramic insulated material and ceramic magnetic components to the electrical, electronics, and appliance industries. John Woody, Sr., is company president, and Clarence Mills, executive vice president.

Monday, July 26

Squires of the County Court will meet Monday, August 9 to elect a successor to Joe W. Richardson, trustee, who resigned July 24, effective Sept. 30, on his doctor’s advice.

Leslie R. Boyd, assistant Southeastern Regional Manager of the American Red Cross, addressed the annual meeting of the Chattanooga–Hamilton County Red Cross Chapter at the chapter house. Four new members of the executive committee and other officers were elected. Mrs. Robert Griffith was elected secretary. She succeeds Mrs. Thomas A. McCoy. New directors are Mrs. Fred Rutemeyer, Harry Bickell, Sherwood Dudley, and Dr. Delma Kitchen. Richard C. Thatcher, Jr., chapter chairman, presided.

Tuesday, July 27

The Chattanooga Housing Authority Monday gave title to two tracts in the Golden Gateway to the Ford Motor Co. and the Chrysler Motor Co. for sites of showrooms and sales agencies for the Citizens Motor Co., Dodge dealers, and Lawrence-Doster Motor Co. Mercury-Comet dealers. Construction will begin immediately.

New YMCA officers elected at the Monday luncheon meeting at Hotel Patten are Joe H. Davenport, Jr., president; Scott Probasco, vice president; W. Max Finley, treasurer; and Raymond B. Witt, program chairman. New board members include W.T. Forbes, DeSales Harrison, H. Clay Evans Johnson, and R.L. Macclellan.

Wednesday, July 28

Judges Campbell Carden and Tillman Grant announced Tuesday they will appoint M.C. Gross, East Brainerd businessman, to a second two-year term as foreman of the Hamilton County grand jury, praising him for his service and delighted that Mr. Gross accepted another term.

W. Arnold Chambers, president of the Chattanooga Federal Savings and Loan Assoc., has been elected to the 18-member board of trustees of the Savings and Loan Foundation, Inc., for a two-year term, it was announced from Washington Tuesday.

Thursday, July 29

Walter D. Schultz, manager of the Quaker Oats plant in Akron, Ohio, has been named manager of the Chattanooga plant, replacing John H. Horn, who has been named manager of the Quaker Oats Burry Biscuit Division in Elizabeth, N.J., effective Sept. 1.

The Chattanooga – Hamilton County Selective Service Board said its draft calls would be increased to about 90 men a month if President Johnson’s proposed doubling of National draft quotas is put into effect.

Friday, July 30

The 19th annual Brainerd Kiwanis Club barbecue will be held Friday and Saturday in the park immediately behind Brainerd Junior High School. Dr. George Mathis, president, said all tickets are $1.50. Bill Price, is general chairman for this year’s event. Proceeds from the barbecue will be channeled into the various youth activities underwritten by the club.