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Front Page - Friday, July 17, 2015

Brainbuster – Make your brain tingle!

Every day, there are people who make a difference the lives of others. Someone who cares not just for the country, but also for all the people in it. All of our military personnel are such people; however, we don’t know all of them in a personal way. Walter Cronkite was such a person – and what he said affected all of us. We trusted him.

For 19 years during our dinnertime, he led us through triumphs and tragedies – rejoicing with us, laughing with us, sighing with us, and crying with us. Helping us cope with whatever the world dealt.

Today, in memory of one of our greatest and most beloved commentators, Cronkite, Brainbuster is based on trivia focused on his life and career.

Rest in peace, Uncle Walter; we miss you.

1. True or false: March 6, 1981 marked the last newscast Cronkite did for CBS.

2. Who replaced Cronkite on the “CBS Evening News?” Katie Curic; Barbara Walters; Peter Jennings; Dan Rather.

3. Cronkite has been nicknamed: The most debated man in America; the most trusted man in America; the most political man in America; the most loved man in America.

4. True or false: Cronkite met his wife while they were both working as newspaper journalists.

5. Cronkite’s first job as a journalist was: as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Times; a reporter covering the Vietnam War; covering the 1952 Republican Convention in Chicago; a journalist with the Christian Science Monitor.

 6. What name did Cronkite use when he was in the radio business?

7. How many children did the Cronkites have?

8. True or false: Cronkite said: “It’s my belief we should get out now.”

9. True or false: Cronkite also said, “Dan Rather and I are especially chummy.”

10. Where was Cronkite born? Bronx, N.Y.; St. Joseph, Mo.; Ocala, Fla.; Houston, Texas.

11. True or false: Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. was the first play-by-play radio announcer for Oklahoma football at Smelly Stadium.


1. True. 2. Dan Rather. 3. The most trusted man in America. 4. True. 5. A cub reporter for the Kansas City Times. 6. Walter Wilcox. 7. Three: Nancy, Kathy, and Walter (Chip) Cronkite III. 8. True. 9. False. His actual remark was that, “Dan Rather and I just aren’t especially chummy.” 10. St. Joseph, Mo. 11. True.