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Front Page - Friday, April 3, 2015


What was going on in Chattanooga in 1965?

Saturday, April 3, 1965

Hamilton County’s 229-acre lakefront park on Dallas Bay, improved during the winter months, will reopen Saturday, May 1, for its 1965 season, Park Supt. John A Morgan said.

Eight Chattanoogans were among 93 persons who passed the Tennessee State Bar examinations given Feb. 4 and 5, the state board of bar examiners announced in Nashville.

Chattanoogans who successfully passed the examination are John Lee Alley, Bowlman T. Bowles, Jr., John Jerry Foster, Bradford Gearinger, Robert W. Hill, Jr., James G. Petty, Robert A. Scott, and Gustavus A. Wood, III.

Frank C. Moore was formally installed Friday afternoon as acting postmaster of Chattanooga by J. Robert Sims, assistant postal inspector, who has served the past 30 days as “caretaker” in the office.

Sunday, April 4

The lease of the Ross Hotel, one of the oldest in Chattanooga, has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. James M. Branum, it was announced by Gordon Steadland, the present holder. The property includes Edmund’s Restaurant and the 78-room hotel owned by the Patten Investment Co.

William Perley Bales, teacher and coach at Central High School for more than 34 years, died at his home at 2604 Ivy Street Sunday morning. He was affectionately known to thousands of former Central athletes and students as “Big Bang” Bales because of the enthusiasm he sparked among his players.

Monday, April 5

F.C. Edmonds of Ooltewah, farmer and employee of the Electric Power Board, was elected to the Hamilton County equalization board Monday by the County Court. He succeeds H.C. Robinson. Given new two-year terms on the board were Herman Walldorf, Realtor, who has been chairman, and R.E. True. Holdover members are John Crabtree, Realtor, and Tracy Parker, pharmacy owner. Each has a year to serve.

William C. Wheatley, assistant administrator at Erlanger Hospital, has been named administrator of the Tennessee Tuberculosis Hospital. He succeeds J. Frank Meisamer, who has been named administrator of Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville, Tenn.

Tuesday, April 6

With impressive ceremony, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, was born Tuesday morning at Covenant College when two established Presbyterian denominations, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (General Synod) and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, formally merged. Dr. Robert J. Rayburn, president of Covenant College, presided over the special service.

Wednesday, April 7

Carolina Power & Light Co. has placed a contract with Combustion Engineering for a 650,000 kilowatt, coal-fired, controlled-circulation steam generator for its Roxboro steam-electrics plant, Unit No. 2, Combustion revealed.

Thursday, April 8

J.P. Schlesinger was honored Wednesday by the Chattanooga Half Century Club on his 80th birthday.

Friday, April 9

Friday and Saturday, plastic Easter seal lilies, the official symbol of the Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults, will be sold on the streets of Chattanooga by the Y-Teens of the YWCA under the direction of Mrs. Jerry Green, Y-Teen director.