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Front Page - Friday, March 21, 2014

Brainbuster - Make your brain tingle!

1. What was the only southern town to remain in Union hands throughout the Civil War? Little Rock, Ark.; Birmingham, Ala.; Jackson, Miss.; Key West, Fla.

2. How many miles per gallon did the 22-horsepower, 4-cylinder Model T Ford get when it was introduced in 1908?

3. What color was Elvis Presley’s first Cadillac before he bought it and painted it pink in 1955?

4. How many elevators are there in the Empire State Building in New York City? 4; 16; 36; 73.

5. What does Babel mean in Hebrew? Arrogant; Tower of God; confused; far-reaching.

6. In the 1960’s, ten soldiers were the unwitting subjects of an experiment to see the effect of stress on their performance. They were told that the plane they were on had lost all power and the pilot was going to attempt to ditch in the ocean. What task were they asked to complete? Fill out their annual tax form; write a list of unfinished jobs around their home; sing “Land of Hope and Glory”; fill out an insurance form.

7. What South American country’s name derived from Little Venice? Venezuela; Peru; Argentina; French Guiana.

8. In “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, what is the name of the bridge that the Headless Horseman is forbidden to cross? Bridge of Fate; Bridge of Destiny; Bridge of Souls; Bridge of No Return.

9. Pierre is the capitol of what state? North Dakota; South Dakota; Wyoming; Minnesota.

10. The USDA recommends that a adequate daily iron intake of 18 mg is needed to deliver oxygen to all the body’s tissues. Which of the following foods is able to meet that recommendation? One ounce of enriched bran flakes; six oysters;  six clams; one cup of enriched Cream of Wheat.


 1. Key West Florida, the southernmost city in the continental United States. 

2. Between 25-30 miles per gallon. 

3. Blue. 

4. 73. 

5. Babylonians called the city of Babel “Bab-ilu,” meaning “Gate of God.” In Hebrew, however, “Babel” comes from a verb meaning “to confuse.” 

6. The U.S Army Leadership Human Research Unit near Monterey, Calif., designed the study of behavioral degradation under stress, specifically the stress of being told you were probably about to die. A steward passed out the insurance forms explaining it was a ‘bureaucratic necessity.” The forms were deliberately written in a confusing manner to make the task even harder. At the same time, a control group on the ground was asked to fill in the same form. The men on the ground made far fewer mistakes. I can understand! I probably would not have been able to write! 

7. Venezuela. 

8. Bridge of Fate. 

9. South Dakota. 

10. Enriched bran flakes contain 18.2mg. iron per ounce, which meets the recommended daily dose of 18 mg.