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Front Page - Friday, March 21, 2014

Tennessee Highway Patrol Chattanooga District named 2013 District of the Year

Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) Colonel Tracy Trott has named the agency’s Chattanooga District as the 2013 District of the Year. The THP’s Nashville District won the award last year, and the Knoxville District took the honor in 2011.

“The Chattanooga District has a strong leadership team that utilizes creative traffic safety enforcement plans and educational campaigns to help reduce serious injury crashes and traffic fatalities across the district. They were the first district to deploy the ‘no zone’ tractor trailer to identify and cite distracted drivers – a tool that was later used in other districts across the state,” Trott said. “Their overall traffic safety efforts make them deserving of this honor.”

The Chattanooga District arrested 1,050 impaired drivers in 2013, a 47 percent increase over the number (714) arrested in 2012. They also saw a 22.3 percent decrease in traffic fatalities.

THP Chattanooga District Captain Jessie Brooks received a plaque and a Highway Patrol “District of the Year” flag, which will be presented to next year’s recipient.

“We’re excited to have received this award and honored to represent the Tennessee Highway Patrol as District of the Year. This would not have been possible without the tireless work of our administrative personnel, dispatchers, and road troopers,” Brooks said.

Source: Tennessee Highway Patrol