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Front Page - Friday, February 10, 2023

Robinson tops $200 million in 2022 sales

Robinson tallied over $200 million in sales last year, giving him a career total of $1.5 billion during his 35 years in real estate. - Photograph provided

Jay Robinson once again landed at the top in real estate sales in 2022.

After adding over $200 million in sales last year, Robinson has now tallied $1.5 billion in sales over the course of his 35-year career.

In 2022, the average sale price for single-family homes in the Chattanooga metro area increased by nearly 15%, with the average list price rising by 16%. Combined with a 13% decrease in the number of days on the market, it’s clear Chattanooga’s real estate market remains healthy, Robinson suggests in a news release.

Across the Chattanooga MLS, the average list price of homes was $357,569, with an average sale price of $353,622 and about 20 days on the market. Luxury homes averaged $1,585,099, with an average sale price of $1,534,045 and around 41 days on the market.

Robinson says his success comes in part from generational transactions among his clients. He notes that it isn’t uncommon for him to represent third and fourth generations of clients.

Robinson is also known for his ability to sell unique properties, including the home of the late Sharon Mills on Elder Mountain, which he sold not once but twice in 2022 to find the perfect fit for the property.

“That home is a piece of art that required a buyer who would appreciate its beauty and intricate design, as well as the surrounding grounds and gardens,” Robinson says. “We were committed to finding a family for the property that would appreciate the story behind the design.”

Robinson sold the property in 13 days for 98% of the list price. He also applied his expertise to the sale of another luxury property on East Brow Road that sold in one day for 100% of the asking price.

As Robinson looks at 2023, he provides a cautionary lesson to those looking to buy or sell their homes.

“Buyers and sellers must evaluate a real estate transaction like any other investment. Sellers that take a pragmatic approach can expect to receive a solid retail price for their property. Likewise, buyers who approach a transaction unemotionally can expect to pay a fair price. This is often easier said than done; however, as we begin a new year, I believe a dispassionate mindset will be a difference maker.”

Robinson also cites a strong team as part of his success. His team has worked together for years with very few leaving.

“We’ve established a culture of commitment to our team members, our community and our clients. You’ll find members of our team volunteering and supporting more than a half dozen nonprofit organizations around town. This has resulted in long-term relationships that guide our efforts in making a difference in the place we all call home.”

As Robinson looks at a market that might be cooling in some parts of the country, he notes a sense of optimism for Chattanooga.

“People continue to discover our city and all of the amenities that make this a special place. For someone like me, the Chattanooga experience sells itself. There’s no other place I’d choose to raise my family, and I encourage others to do the same.”

Source: Jay Robinson