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Front Page - Friday, September 23, 2022

Hinton & Company release diversity, inclusion assessment tool

Hinton & Company recently launched its Community Culture Index, a data-driven assessment tool meant to measure a region’s commitment to inclusiveness.

The firm is launching its CCI in partnership with the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga.

“We’re going to answer the question, ‘Have organizations in the Chattanooga region made strides the past two years?’” says Wade Hinton, founder of Hinton & Company.

“In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, organizations around the country and throughout our region made significant public commitments to inclusion. Now we’ll determine if this is still a priority and what our community can do to sustain its progress.”

In August 2021, The Washington Post reported “America’s 50 biggest public companies and their foundations collectively committed at least $49.5 billion since Floyd’s murder ... to addressing racial inequality – an amount that appears unequaled in sheer scale.”

While the results of these initiatives have been mixed, Hinton notes, the CCI evaluates progress at the local level. The CCI will consist of an anonymous survey that asks organizations where they are with respect to inclusive practices such as recruiting, hiring and strategy.

Hinton & Company will use the responses to generate a detailed community report showing how various industry sectors and businesses rank against one another. Survey participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their organization’s score with Hinton.

“Employers might see their own DEI efforts as an acceptable status quo (without knowing how much more) their peers and competitors are doing,” Hinton says. “This index will address those questions while orienting our entire business community in a healthier, stronger, more inclusive direction.”

Learn more at hintonandco.com/culture-index.

Hinton & Company is a consulting and advisory firm that helps organizations embed inclusive practices into their culture.

Source: Hinton & Company