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Front Page - Friday, September 23, 2022

Hunter Museum presents black-and-white photography collection

Black-and-white photography from the private collection of Dr. David Dennard is on view in the Hunter mansion through March 5. - Photograph provided

The Hunter Museum of American Art has launched a new exhibit of black-and-white photography.

The work of Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Paul Caponigro and other photograph greats from the private collection of Dr. David Dennard are now on view in the Hunter mansion.

Inspired by the Photo-Secessionists, pictorialists and especially the transcendental work of Paul Caponigro, Dennard has collected a wide range of early to late 20th century photography.

A semi-retired nephrologist and an accomplished photographer himself, Dennard has built a collection that “offers a window into the camera’s capacity for both documentation and aesthetic beauty,” notes a news release from Hunter.

The exhibition considers the photographers and movements in American photography that had a significant impact on 20th century art.

Source: Hunter Museum